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Notice to Residents: May 29, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


I’m writing this post earlier than usual today due in large part to a flurry of information throughout the State and locally in Florham Park.

The Governor finished his press conference about an hour ago in which he stated an Executive Order will be signed authorizing the following activities to resume;

  • Youth Sports will resume June 22, 2020 with restrictions such as non-contact activities.
  • Indoor Church Services will have increased capacity beginning June 12, 2020.  Additional guidance will be released authorizing the number of allowable indoor capacity.
  • Day Care Centers will resume operations on June 15, 2020 with yet to be released restrictions.
  • Summer Camps will be allowed to operate beginning July 6, 2020 with significant restrictions discussed in previous posts.  As we advised previously, due to the restrictions which will be imposed on the operations of day camps, Florham Park Day Camp will not operate this year.

As I write this message, the Governor has not signed or issued the Executive Order.  Once the Order is released and all the details can be examined we will release additional information to everyone.

The Governor also stated pools are still a no go for opening.  There has been no further guidance on when or if municipal pools will be allowed to operate.  July 11, 2020 is the date the Borough needs to receive guidance in order to operate the pool this summer.  If guidance on pool operations is not received from the State with enough lead time to open the pool by July 11th, the pool will not operate this year.  Pools located in private apartment and condominium complexes, as well as gyms and/or swim clubs, are also not authorized to operate at this time.

The Department of Education released in-person graduation guidance yesterday.  This morning they amended their guidance restricting all districts from having any graduation ceremonies on July 7th due to the primary elections taking place.  I have been in touch with Superintendent Caponegro on this issue and he will be releasing a letter concerning graduation for Ridgedale Middle School later today.

The Florham Park Office of Emergency Management met with the 4th of July Committee earlier this week to discuss how the 4th can be celebrated under the current conditions.  Unfortunately due to the outdoor gathering restriction limitation and the unknown number of people who will be allowed to gather by July 4th, the fireworks and Borough festival have been cancelled for this year.  The committee wants to keep the parade traditional alive and provided the plan detailed below, which can also be found on their website and Facebook page:

The Florham Park 4th of July Committee is excited to announce a modified 4th of July Celebration in Florham Park on July 4, 2020! We will be hosting a car parade through the Municipal Complex to celebrate. Beginning next week, the 4th of July Committee will be selling lawn signs which we will ask residents to decorate and return to us. We will display the signs and you will be invited to drive through the Borough Complex in a parade with your fellow residents, fire trucks, and police cars to share in our American pride and celebrate the 4th of July. While we are disappointed that we will not be able to host rides, fireworks, cook for you, or a Social Garden this year, we are proud that the longest continuously running 4th of July parade in the State of New Jersey will continue. Please stay tuned for more announcements in the days ahead - friend us on Facebook and visit for more information. 

Our theme is “Thank you Frontliners, Thank you Heroes!” 

Lastly, the Florham Park Recreation Department, along with the Florham Park PBA, are hosting a Drive-In Movie for residents on June 2, 2020 at 9:00pm.  The location of the movie will be 100 Campus Drive and will feature Toy Story 4.  The event is limited to the first 100 residents who register on Community Pass at the link below.  The event is limited due to space constraints and insurance.

There will be additional updates throughout the weekend as additional information is received from the State.

Stay safe and well!!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator
May 29, 2020

Notice to Residents: May 28, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


The State released guidance for graduation ceremonies this morning.  The information is voluminous and restrictive.  Please view the first link below for details on graduations for K-12 and the second link for graduations in Post-Secondary educational facilities:

The documents both state the number of people who can attend in-person graduation ceremonies is capped at the number of people allowed to assemble at the time of the ceremony.  For example, if the ceremony took place today, the number of in-person participant would be capped at 25.  However, the number of people allowed to gather, according to Executive Orders, may be different on July 6th which would then dictate the number of allowable participants at that time.  Difficult for planning purposes but this is what the State has provided.

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator
May 28, 2020

Notice to Residents: May 26, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


I hope everyone was able to enjoy the holiday weekend.

The Governor has issued a new Executive Order, as well as provided some insight on graduation ceremonies.

Executive Order 148 was issued Friday afternoon, May 22, 2020, which took effect immediately and authorized the following:

  • Gatherings - Outdoor gatherings up to twenty-five (25) people.  Indoor gatherings remains at ten (10) persons or fewer.
  • Outdoor Recreational Activities – All outdoor recreational activities, previously authorized under Executive Orders 146 and 147, such as Charter Boat Fishing and outdoor tennis facilities, may increase their capacity to twenty-five (25) persons.  Organized youth sports remain prohibited.
  • Professional Athletes – Professional Athletes may fulfill their job duties even if that consists of person-to-person contact.
  • School Property – Schools may allow people, including students, on their property for passive recreation purposes or to participate in gatherings authorized by Executive Order 142 (car gatherings).  There may be some confusion regarding this section of the Executive Order.  While it allows students to enter school property, it does not allow them to enter any portion of the school buildings, including for any type of graduation ceremony.
  • Camp Grounds – Private and Recreational Campgrounds have been authorized to operate.

It is important to note that all of the activities above contain restrictions which are to voluminous to delineate in this post.  Please read the Executive Order in its entirety for exact details.

Today the Governor announced the Department of Education and the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education would unveil guidance tomorrow for in person commencement ceremonies, which must adhere to the following conditions:

  • Must take place on or after July 6, 2020;
  • Must take place outdoors or be drive-in/drive-through (no indoor ceremonies will be allowed);
  • Must adhere to the relevant capacity limitation in place at the time of the ceremony (this may require districts to hold multiple ceremonies held over a period of time to ensure capacity restrictions are not exceeded);
  • Districts and institutions must determine the minimum number of staff and faculty necessary to facilitate commencement ceremonies and adjust attendance requirements accordingly;
  • Caps, gowns, diplomas, and other materials must be mailed to individual student homes, sent electronically where possible, or otherwise distributed in a manner that complies with social distancing guidelines;
  • All activities must be coordinated in consultation with municipal officials, such as the local Office of Emergency Management, local law enforcement, first responders, and local health officials.

Additionally, the Department of Education has stated the commencements may be held for middle school, high school and colleges/universities only.  There will be no grade advancement ceremonies.  

Once the Governor, along with the Department of Education, reveal the guidance, we will coordinate with the local Board of Education on relaying all of the pertinent information.

Locally, the 4th of July committee is meeting with the Florham Park Department of Emergency Management to discuss options for the 4th of July, if any will be allowable under the current Executive Orders.  Details will be relayed to everyone as soon as they are available.

The Friends of the Florham Park Gazebo Committee have been working to plan the 40th Summer Concert Series; however, due to current restrictions regarding social gatherings, the concerts for June and July are cancelled.  The committee has plans in the works for a tentative concert in September, subject to State and Federal restrictions in place at that time, to commemorate this milestone anniversary for our community.  

Lastly, as we see more and more restrictions lifted and the weather becomes warmer we are seeing an increase in traffic on our local roads.  Traffic and pedestrian safety is the responsibility of all members of our community.  Please remember to obey all traffic laws and pay attention to the increased number of pedestrians on our streets. 

Stay safe and well!!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator
May 26, 2020

Notice to Residents: May 20, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


Please read this post in its entirety, as there is much to discuss both locally and throughout the State.  I ask residents to remember, the State is mandating all of our actions and we as a Borough are doing everything we can to provide our residents with safe activities on our path to normalcy, inclusive of advocating at the State level to allow our small businesses to operate within proper protocols.  


I met today with the Borough Administrator, Mayor, members of the Borough Council and Department Heads for Recreation and Public Works.  Several issues concerning to all of you were discussed and based upon direction from the Governor, the State Department of Emergency Management and the Office of the Attorney General the following was decided:

Municipal Pools – The Governor and State Department of Emergency Management continue to advise municipal pools are prohibited from operating.  It was decided today that we will begin the process of opening the pool to ensure its functionality in the event the State allows municipal pools to open.  If the State does not provide guidance and approval for opening by July 11, 2020, the pool will not open this season.

Summer Camps – The Governor and State Department of Emergency Management have given no guidance on the opening of Summer Camps other than to say they currently are prohibited.  The CDC has provided a decision tree as a guiding document for how to open camps when and if allowed by Executive Order.  Due to the restrictions of the CDC decision tree and lack of guidance from the State, as well as our continued effort to maintain the community’s safety as our paramount concern, it has been determined the Florham Park Summer Camp will not be able to operate this summer season.  The Recreation Department will be reviewing and planning for Pop-Up Camps if allowable under the Governor’s Executive Orders.

Sports and Recreation – The State today has indicated all Youth Recreational and Organized Sports Activities are prohibited.  The Recreation Department will accept registrations for Fall Cheerleading in the event the Governor’s Executive Orders allow for Fall activities.  Field permits for Fall Sports should be applied for in the event activities are allowable.

In addition, last night the National Federation of High School Associations issued their guidance on the return of high school athletics.  These Phases have not been confirmed or authorized by the State of New Jersey but I post the below article for your knowledge if interested.  Keep in mind that Youth Recreational and Organized Sports are still prohibited in New Jersey.

National Night Out – National Night Out (NNO) is annually held the first Tuesday of August.  Due to the Governor’s Executive Orders and Multi-Stage Phase In protocols, we will not be able to conduct our normal NNO celebration.  Nationally, the celebration has been moved to October 4, 2020 and we will hold our event on that date if allowed at that time.  Please mark your calendars, I know we’ll all be looking for reasons to celebrate!!

Senior Center/Senior Barbecue – The Florham Park Senior Center will continue to remain closed indefinitely as we look to protect our most vulnerable population.  To that end, we will also be cancelling our Senior Barbecue this year, which is held annually the day after National Night Out.

Drive-In Movie – The Recreation Department in conjunction with the Florham Park PBA are in the process of organizing a drive-in movie for members of the community.  The Governor has stated vehicle gatherings, in unlimited numbers, are authorized and we will take advantage of the loosening of this restriction to bring the community an event to celebrate.  Please stay tuned, as details regarding the date, time and location will be forthcoming. 


On a State level, I’m sure you are all aware the Governor signed Executive Order 147, Monday night shortly after my last posting.  The Order authorized several outdoor businesses to resume the following activities:

Effective May 19, 2020, at 6:00am – Changes to golf, making tee-times available to foursome groups, forecaddies and equipment rentals.  There are still significant social distancing, cleaning and sanitizing protocols mandated for this activity.

Effective May 22, 2020, at 6:00am – Outdoor Archery Ranges, Outdoor Batting Cages, Golf Driving Ranges, Horseback Riding, Outdoor Shooting Ranges and the Outdoor portions of Private Tennis Clubs are authorized to begin operations. Picnic areas, Playgrounds, Pavilions, Fitness Centers and Locker Rooms for these facilities are mandated to remain closed with the exception of restrooms.  There are significant social distancing, cleaning and sanitizing protocols mandated for each of these outdoor recreational activities.

Effective May 22, 2020, at 6:00am – Community Gardens are authorized to open.  The Florham Park Community Garden will open at that time with the following protocols in place:

- No more than two (2) people in the garden at the same time.  Scheduling must be completed through the Recreation Department.

- Social Distancing standards, of at least six (6) feet, must be followed inside the garden area.

- Face coverings and gloves must be worn inside the garden area unless you have a medical condition which mask wear will exasperate.

- The tool shed will remain locked and gardeners must utilize their own tools without sharing the same.

- Gardeners must bring their own watering bucket/can and not share the same with other gardeners.  The water spigot will be available to gardeners to fill their buckets/cans.    

Last night the State Director of Emergency Management, who is the Colonel of the State Police, issued Administrative Order 2020-13 authorizing New and Used Car Dealerships, Motorcycle Dealerships, Boat Dealerships and Bicycle Shops to begin operating as essential businesses today at 6:00am.  The Order also allows for the test-driving of cars, boats, motorcycles and bicycles.  Significant social distancing, limiting capacity of customers, sanitizing, cleaning and mask wear protocols are mandated for these businesses to operate.  Please read the Order for exact details.

In addition, the Governor last night indicated he might authorize outdoor dining and indoor retail businesses to begin operating in the weeks ahead.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) has extended their renewal deadlines.  Registration, temporary registration, license, and inspection stickers expiring March 31st, April 30th or May 31st have been extended to July 31, 2020.  Those expiring June 30th have been extended to August 31, 2020 and those expiring July 31st have been extended to September 30, 2020.  

Everything discussed in this post is fluid and changing by the minute at the State level.  Please understand that some of the information may change while in the process of posting this writing to our Facebook page and website.  We will do our best to keep all of you informed of the latest updates as we receive them.

Stay safe and well!!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator
May 20, 2020

Notice to Residents: May 18, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


Another great weekend!! 

Several Orders were issued on Friday and over the weekend.  I waited to post this update after receiving information that additional guidance would be released this afternoon.

The Governor signed the following Orders last week and over the weekend:

Executive Order 143 – Effective May 22, 2020, at 6:00am, all beaches, boardwalks, lakes and lakeshores are authorized to open at the discretion of their respective municipalities.  There are significant restrictions and most if not all of the attractions at the respective locations are still mandated to be closed.  Beach badges and access are mandated to be restricted in a non-discriminatory manner.  Please read the entirety of the order for understanding before making plans to travel this weekend.    The order also authorizes the opening of municipal parks for picnicking and restroom facilities, however the Borough will not be authorizing those activities locally at this time due to significant cleaning, sanitizing and limiting of persons restrictions. 

Executive Order 144 – Authorizes mail in balloting for the July 7th primary elections.  All voters are to receive a mail in ballot.

Executive Order 145 – Rescinds Executive Order 109 and authorizes elective surgeries and invasive procedures to resume at 5:00am Tuesday, May 26th.

Executive Order 146 – Authorized charter boat fishing and watercraft rental to resume effective yesterday at 6:00am.  There are significant restrictions associated with this order concerning social distancing, sanitization and employee PPE protocols.  Please review the Executive Order in its entirety before planning to participate in these activities. 

The Governor has indicated in the Executive Orders noted above the Stay-At-Home order remains in effect unless you are participating in any of the activities authorized, which at this point have become too voluminous to enumerate here.  We ask that all members of the community please be respectful of your fellow citizens and first responders when making decisions about congregating and non-essential travel.  Remember the virus is still spreading, albeit at a much slower rate, and infected persons are still succumbing to their illnesses as a result.

The link below will take you to a website where you can review all of the Governor’s Executive Orders in their entirety:

Today the Governor announced he will be signing an Executive Order authorizing several outdoor activities including batting cages, community gardens, horseback riding, private tennis clubs, gun/archery ranges, golf ranges and golfers will be able to tee off in foursomes.  The order has not yet been released and details of the activities noted, inclusive of any social distancing protocols, are not known at this time.  The Order will authorize these activities to begin Friday, May 22nd.  Once the Order is signed and released I will provide all with the details, currently there has not been any word on Municipal Pools or day camps, however the Governor hinted at additional openings as the week progresses.

The Governor also announced his multi-stage reopening strategy today.  We are currently in Stage 1 and he indicated he anticipates being in Stage 2 by mid June.  He also stated that all residents should continue to hold out hope for in-person graduation ceremonies in July.  The details of the Governor's strategy can be found at the link below:

Today marks day 76 since the first reported case of the virus was reported in New Jersey.  Since the loosening of restrictions began there has been a noticeable increase in traffic within the Borough.  We have received resident complaints of traffic law violations and I have instructed officers to increase enforcement activities which had been significantly subdued during the public health emergency.  Please remember several residents are walking, running and riding bikes on our streets and it's incumbent upon all to ensure each others' safety by obeying the traffic/pedestrian laws.

The Police and Emergency Management Departments continue to work with the Mayor, Council, Department Heads, Fire/FAS and County agencies to provide all residents with the safest and smoothest transition back to normalcy.  Please continue to provide us with your support and cooperation as we work through this together.

Stay safe and well!!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator
May 18, 2020

Notice to Residents: May 14, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


Today marks day 72 since the first reported case of Covid-19 was documented in the State of New Jersey.  If you follow the media reports you know that positive cases and deaths continue to rise, but at a much slower rate.  Hospitalizations are decreasing and the number of patients released from hospitals continues to decline.  As of yesterday the percentage of residents within the State having tested positive was 37.07% with the remaining 62.93% of those tested being negative.  These numbers are all continuing to trend in the right direction and we are flattening the curve.  We have remained the 19th highest infected community in Morris County, with very few additional infections reported, which is a credit to all of your continued adherence to the Governor’s Orders and social distancing protocols.  I believe our hard work has paid off and the Governor has begun loosening restrictions, which I will detail below.  All residents should keep in mind that if we as a community and a State don’t continue to adhere to the guidance contained within the loosening of the restrictions detailed below, the Governor will tighten those restrictions again.  Let’s work together and continue to beat this public health crisis!!

Beginning Saturday at 7:00am the municipal tennis courts, located along the exit of Emmett to Elm Street, will be open for public use.  All other fields, playgrounds and facilities within the parks must remain closed in accordance with the Governor’s Executive Orders.  The walking trails and dog park previously opened will of course remain open.  The parking restrictions, 50% capacity, and social distancing protocols remain in effect.

Spring Garden Lake will open Saturday morning at 7:00am for passive recreation and fishing, if properly licensed to do so.

The Governor issued Executive Order 141 providing the State Commissioner of Health the authority to begin establishing Contact Tracing protocols.

The Governor then issued Executive Order 142 in which he has granted the following (summary only):

Construction Projects – all projects may resume operations on Monday, May 18, 2020, at 6:00am.  The Order contains several protocols that remain in effect regarding staggered start times, staggered lunch periods, social distancing, worksite visitations, sanitizing and face coverings.

Non-Essential Retail Business – Non-Essential Retail businesses are permitted to reopen on Monday, May 18, 2020 at 6:00am.  These businesses may operate for curbside pick-up only.  Phone, fax, email or internet orders can be conducted and scheduled for curbside pick-up.  These businesses must also adhere to several restrictions concerning social distancing, face coverings and sanitization.

Gatherings – The Governor has lifted the non-essential travel ban for certain gatherings.  The Governor has authorized vehicle gatherings for specific events such as drive-in movies, religious services, as well as drive by parades.  Vehicle gatherings have very specific protocols that must be adhered to in order to remain within compliance of the Executive Order.  All occupants must remain within their vehicle with the windows rolled up, sunroof closed and/or convertible top closed.  There are exceptions for occupants who need to exit their vehicle to use the restroom, occupants who are in need of medical attention or if ordered to open their vehicle by law enforcement/security.  Vehicles gathered, which remain six feet apart can keep their windows, sunroofs and convertible tops down/open.

Paragraph 8 of Executive Order 142 states gatherings of 10 or fewer are allowed.  I contacted the State this morning and inquired if this indicates a shift in direction on their part as non-essential travel prevented gatherings of people for non-essential purposes in Executive Order 107.  The State has advised me the spirit of Executive Order 142 is to lift the non-essential travel ban and gatherings of 10 or fewer people can commence.  Therefore, Executive Order 142 has granted residents the ability to gather with friends and neighbors as long as those gathering adhere to the 10-person limitation.

The details contained within Executive Order 142 are extensive and can be reviewed at the following link;

Residents are reminded to please make decisions in the best interest of their families, friends and the community at large.  This is a small step in our return to normalcy that can be taken back quickly and easily by the State.  Please continue to monitor our Facebook page and/or website for updates as I anticipate the Governor to continue to adjust his Orders.

Be safe and well!!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator
May 14, 2020 

Notice to Residents: May 12, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


The State has issued guidance on “Wave Parades,” Birthday Parades, and other types of Parades after the contradictory information they released over the weekend and yesterday. The below messaging is directly from the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office who received the guidance directly from the NJ Department of Criminal Justice:

“Good morning all:

Please see below for the most up-to-date (and hopefully not fluid) guidance regarding wave-by parades (including graduations) received today 5/12/20. This was distributed today in response to comments made by Col. Callahan.

Wave parades are not completely banned.

Wave parades, that invite people to gather at a certain location would be prohibited.

Examples given from the Department of Criminal Justice:

Allowed: a single graduate is sitting on his porch with his parents, or a birthday girl is on her front lawn with her parents, and a parade of cars are driving by, honking and holding up signs, that wouldn’t present any problem under the Governor’s Executive Orders because it wouldn’t present a risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Prohibited: all the graduates of the Class of 2020 at a particular school (or even 15-20 of those graduates) were told to gather together at a specific location, like the front lawn of their school or their town hall, and every car drove by to celebrate them. That would present a risk of COVID-19 transmission among the graduates, even if the parents and teachers celebrating them all stayed in their cars, and that’s what we are working to avoid. Or any group of people or spectators are asked or invited to a particular location (like a front lawn).

You may distribute this email as you deem fit but any questions regarding specific applications by your BOE should be directed to OEM or the Governor’s Office.”

I reiterate to all residents, any congregation before or after any of the parades discussed above will be violations and will be enforced.

Chief Joseph Orlando
Florham Park PD

Notice to Residents: May 11, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police

Hope you all were able to enjoy the weekend and Mother’s Day, if it applied to you!
There have been several updates since I last wrote to you all, I will try to be as brief as possible in bringing everyone up to speed with movement within the State.
The Governor issued Executive Order 139, which ordered all flags flown at half-staff in remembrance of the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe.  He then issued Executive Order 140, which established the Restart/Recovery Advisory Council.
The State OEM Coordinator, who is also the Colonel of the State Police, issued two statements of relevance since my last writing.  First, Administrative Order 2020-12 deems that recreational activities are prohibited from being conducted within establishments deemed essential and allowed to operate.  In other words, a Rehab Center, which doubles as a gym, is allowed to operate as a Rehab Center but not as a gym while the Executive Orders remain in effect.  Second, and I’m sure more importantly to most, the Colonel of the State Police in conjunction with the Department of Education issued directives prohibiting in-person graduation ceremonies for all educational graduations.  This includes “Wave Parades,” teacher parades, drive by graduation ceremonies, parking lot graduations or any other type of graduation other than virtual/remote graduations.   I have spoken with the Superintendent of Schools to review the guidance received from the Colonel and the Department of Education, we interpret the guidance as stated and will abide by the same.
There has been an overwhelming desire throughout the State to have the Office of the Attorney General and the State OEM Coordinator clarify other types of parades, especially birthday parades.  The guidance we received was this; parades of this sort lead to congregation both before and after as well as violate the non-essential travel order, therefore they are not recommended. 
I understand the desire to participate in these events is to provide children a sense of normalcy and excitement for both their birthday and/or graduation, however they violate the Governor’s Orders and I am required to adhere to and enforce those orders.  I hope all of you understand the actions I have taken during this Public Health Emergency have been to safeguard our community and our first responders, not to make it more difficult or restrictive for our residents.
The State has also issued guidance on the following issues;
Pools – Residential pools are allowed to open and be used, private association pools in apartment/condominium complexes are prohibited, pools in athletic clubs or swim clubs are prohibited, and municipal pools are prohibited.  The work to open and prepare these pools for use is allowed.
Summer Camps – still awaiting guidance from the State on this issue.
Specialty Food Store – the State advised specialty food stores such as candy stores, and those selling popcorn and funnel cake are allowed to operate.
On the criminal behavior front, a vehicle was stolen from the Rosewood section of Madison this weekend and both Madison and Chatham have experienced package thefts.  Please remember to keep your vehicles locked at all times, remove valuables from your vehicle and monitor your mail/package deliveries.  Grandparent bail scams are occurring throughout the State, two arrests were made over the weekend, however they are part of a larger criminal enterprise and are continuing.
The National Guard will be conducting a flyover of the State tomorrow between the hours of 11:00am and 1:00pm.  If you see fighter jets in our airspace please do not be alarmed.  They are flying over to honor first responders/frontline workers and the lives lost.
Lastly, today marks the beginning of Police week, a weeklong event honoring those officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  Normally the Police Unity Tour would be on their way to Washington D.C. to honor our fallen officers, this year we honor them in spirit and with a virtual candlelight vigil.  The State of NJ reported eight (8) officer’s lives lost in 2020 last week, and another over the weekend bringing the State’s 2020 total to nine (9).  Please keep those officers and their families in your prayers and remember the remaining officer’s lives and safety when making decisions about non-essential travel.
Stay safe and well, we’ll be through this soon!!
Joseph J. Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator
May 11, 2020

Notice to Residents: May 6, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police

Just a couple of important points for tonight.
First, the NJ Office of Homeland Security is asking for our assistance in making the public aware of a DISINFORMATION LETTER being shared and/or mailed to residents.  The letter/email is intended to spread false information, scare and intimidate the public, and is not from a legitimate source.  Please see the attached document.
Second, the NJ Cybercrimes community is also warning against FRAUDULENT EMAILS pretending to be from the Federal Reserve and offering Economic Relief through the Payment Protection Program.  It gives you a link to click that will guide you to a FAKE page designed to steal your personal and banking information.  DO NOT click any links in the email!
If you have questions about suspicious letters or emails you receive, you should contact the Police Department immediately and ask to speak with a Detective.  We will do our best to guide you!
Lastly the Governor issued Executive Order 138 this afternoon extending the Public Health Emergency for an additional 30 days.  The State of Emergency remains in effect indefinitely until rescinded by the Governor.  The Public Health Emergency, by statute, must be renewed every 30 days.  This doesn't mean the Stay-At-Home order will remain in effect for that entire time.  The Governor can end the Public Health Emergency at any time during this 30 day extension.
Stay safe and well!!
Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator
May 6, 2020

JBWS Reminder

A reminder that the JBWS is here for those in need 24/7/365! They are local and provide a vast array of services for those seeking support, safety, and solutions for abuse. If you are in need, don't be afraid to call - JBWS - - (see/share bulletins)

Notice to Residents: May 4, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


I hope everyone was able to enjoy the great weather we had this weekend in conjunction with the opening of Emmett and Volunteer Parks for passive recreation.  The Governor stated last week and reiterated in his daily brief today, he would rescind his order to open parks if people refused to comply with the restrictions put in place.  Locally, all of our residents were respectful and continued to abide by the Governor’s Executive Orders.  For that I am extremely grateful!!

Today the governor closed schools for the remainder of the 2019/2020 school year.  Summer programs offered by school districts will continue to be analyzed and the State, along with the local school districts, will have guidance for the same moving forward.  I keenly understand the emotional toll this is taking on our children and all of our families, as the father of a graduating senior, I myself am in the same position as many of you.  I am confident we will all find ways, individually, to make our children’s memories of this time positive, as we are forced to celebrate their accomplishments on a significantly intimate scale.

I have been receiving reports of residents, not only in Florham Park but also throughout the State, seeking antibody testing in an effort to prove they have been exposed and have beaten the COVID-19 virus.  I myself had been seeking antibody testing for my personnel to ensure their safety and the safety of their families.  However, I received documentation from the State Health Department indicating they recommend against antibody testing for several reasons.  They advised the testing is unreliable, can only tell you if you have been exposed to the virus, does not tell you if you are immune to the virus and provides no indication you cannot be exposed and contract the virus again in the future.  Furthermore, I was advised that regardless of the outcome of the antibody test, each individual would still be advised to adhere to social distancing standards and proper hygienic protocols.

Those residents concerned or seeking information about their potential exposure to COVID-19 can now receive asymptomatic testing at the PNC Bank Arts Center (Monmouth County) testing site without a prescription.  They open at 8:00am every Monday and Wednesday and have the ability to test 500 people per day; however, the highest priority for testing will be given to health care workers and workers in congregate living settings, symptomatic first responders, as well as to asymptomatic NJ residents who have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive.  If you are asymptomatic and do not fall into one of the high-risk categories listed you will still be tested if they have enough tests available.

The Governor issued three new Executive Orders since I last wrote to you.  Executive Order 134 referenced flags flying at half-staff on May 1st to commemorate the passing of former NJ First Lady Debby Kean.  Executive Order 135 authorized marriage license applications and applications for youth working papers to be accomplished through video conferencing.  Executive Order 136 extended some deadlines for DEP reporting requirements.  The State OEM Coordinator, who is the State Police Colonel, issued Administrative Order 2020-11 in which he deemed construction of new or additions to existing Religious facilities shall now be considered essential construction projects.

The Governor, in his daily briefing today, stated the opening of parks and some beaches this past weekend was a litmus test for how we will proceed as a State.  He indicated the number of daily test positives, hospitalizations and patients utilizing ventilators have all been trending down.  For the last week, the number of patients testing negative has exceeded those testing positive for the virus.  These are all positive indications we are moving towards a return to normalcy.  Please remember the return will be a slow process and your continued support and assistance with adherence to the Governor’s Executive Orders will be a tremendous assistance to everyone.

Thank you all for your continued support.  Be safe and well!!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator
May 4, 2020  

Notice to Residents: April 30, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


Tonight, finally, I am able to write you with some positive news!!

Governor Murphy signed several Executive Orders in the last few days, but one in particular provides us with some hope and sense of normalcy.  Executive Order 133 was signed yesterday and becomes effective at 6:00am Saturday morning, May 2nd.  State parks have been reopened for passive recreation and golf courses have now been deemed essential businesses.  The order grants municipalities the option of opening local parks, keeping them closed or opening them with increased restrictions beyond those implemented in State parks.

I spoke with the Mayor and Council, the Borough Administrator, Recreation Director and DPW Superintendent and recommended we open Emmett Field and Volunteer Park (Elm Street Fields) for passive recreation. All were in agreement however, there are several restrictions contained within Executive Order 133 that we must adhere to:

  • All recreation facilities must remain closed to include playgrounds, fields, exercise equipment stations, tennis courts, basketball courts, pavilions, rest rooms, picnic areas, visitor centers and interior historical sites.
  • No organized sporting events or contact sports are allowed.
  • Congregation is not allowed.
  • Parking lots must be reduced to 50% capacity.
  • Social Distancing must be adhered to unless you are family members, household members, dating partners or caretakers.

The walking trails surrounding Emmett will be open for passive recreation, to include walking, jogging and biking.  The fields and all facilities remain closed and are off limits.  Residents must adhere to the social distancing guidelines.  The parking lot for Emmett will be reduced to 50% capacity and congregation within the parking lot is strictly prohibited.  Access to Emmett will be through the Elm Street gate only.

The walking trails surrounding Volunteer Park (Elm Street Fields) will be open for passive recreation to include walking, jogging and biking.  The dog park will also be open but residents utilizing the dog park must wear masks and gloves while maintaining social distance from other residents.  The fields and all facilities remain closed and are off limits.  The parking lot for Volunteer Park will be reduced to 50% capacity and congregation within the parking lot is strictly prohibited.  The Community Garden at Volunteer Park will remain closed.

Additional officers have been assigned to these areas for the weekend to monitor activity and ensure all are adhering to the requirements established in Executive Order 133 allowing us to open the municipal parks stated above.  I ask all residents to please continue to cooperate with the Governor’s Executive Orders and follow the Social Distancing Guidelines so we can continue to keep these parks open for all residents to enjoy.

All other municipal parks and open spaces previously closed to the public will remain closed.

Other Executive Orders signed this week include Executive Order 130 providing municipalities the option of extending the deadlines for property tax payments, Executive Order 131 established the Commission tasked with Reopening the State, and Executive Order 132 was issued regarding the submission and acceptance of online petitions.

Lastly, as stated in previous messages Morris County residents have been targeted in what’s referred to as bail scams where a resident is contacted either telephonically or in person, at their home, and told their family member has either been involved in an accident or has been arrested.  The resident is then asked for large sums of money to secure the release of their loved one.  These are horrible acts of fraudulent/criminal behavior preying on the victim’s emotional connection to their loved ones.  The Police Department has received several reports from residents in the last two days who were targeted by these grotesque criminal acts.  Luckily none of our residents fell prey to these attempts, hopefully due to the continued messaging we’ve been providing.  Please continue to be alert to these attempted acts, educate yourselves and elderly family members, and please continue to look out for your elderly neighbors.

Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend!!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator
April 30, 2020


Notice to Residents: April 28, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police

Residents, Sorry to inundate you with messaging, however there are two points of information I need to provide. First, the Blue Angels Fighter Jets will be conducting flyovers, of the Newark and Hudson River area between 12:00 and 1:00 pm today, in support of frontline workers throughout the region. If you happen to see these fighter jets in our airspace there is no cause for alarm. Second, and more importantly, several jurisdictions within the State have experienced the same fraud scam where perpetrators are approaching the homes of elderly residents and convincing them a relative has been arrested and in need of cash bail immediately. In several instances residents throughout the State have provided in excess of $20,000 to these suspects for fear of their loved ones safety. The suspects, who were in Morris County yesterday, approach the residence with N95 masks and gloves in order to make contact with the victims. Residents, please keep an eye out for your elderly neighbors and report any suspicious behavior, vehicle or person in your respective neighborhoods immediately. Do not be afraid to contact 911 to report any such suspicious activity, the Police Department will respond. Joseph Orlando Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator April 28, 2020

Notice to Residents: April 27, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


I am sure you are all aware that Governor Murphy revealed his plan for reopening the State this afternoon. His plan is a Six Principled Approach which in essence states daily test positives and hospital admissions must decline for fourteen continuous days before we can begin to lift the restrictions currently in place, while testing availability must increase substantially. Contact tracing must be performed on those test positive patients to secure them and prevent them from continuing to spread the virus. There are other principles contained within the framework of the Governor’s plan which is available for you to review at the link below. I wanted to write to all of you tonight to inform you the Governor’s principles will be difficult to achieve in the short term. He has stated that increased testing may not be available until the end of May and as testing increases, coupled with the laboratories delayed responses, it will be difficult to achieve a fourteen-day steady decline any time soon.

The State OEM Coordinator, who is the Colonel of the State Police, issued Administrative Order 2020-10 this morning which clarified the roles of newly designated essential businesses. In paragraph four of the order he clearly indicates owners of hair salons, barber shops and/or nail salons are forbidden from providing such services from their residential homes, even on a one on one basis, to those other than family members or those with whom they have a close personal relationship, defined as someone they provide care for or a romantic partner. This is a clear indication the State is committed to their Social Distancing initiatives for the foreseeable future.

The Governor also reiterated today the Stay-At-Home Orders, the Closure of Non-Essential Businesses and Work from Home Orders will all remain in full effect until further notice.

Residents, I write you tonight to implore all of you to remain steadfast in your disciplined approach to overcome this public health crisis. We, as a community, must all work together in order to be successful in flattening the curve, reducing the infection rate and moving as quickly as possible through the Governor’s Six Principles to a state of normalcy for all of us. The Police Department/OEM, Mayor and Council, Department Heads and Emergency Services need all of your help as we do everything in our power to help all of you.

We can and will overcome this easier together!!

Stay safe and well.

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator
April 27, 2020

Notice to Residents: April 25, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


I hope all is well with you and your families.  I wanted to wait as long as possible before issuing this post in hopes the Governor would provide some insight on how and when he plans to loosen restrictions and begin opening the State.  Unfortunately, our test positive numbers remain consistent, averaging 3,500 test positives daily, as today's number came in at 3,457 new test positives.  The number of daily deaths has been decreasing slightly which is great news, however, with today’s reported numbers our State is suffering a 5.5% death rate.  To put that into perspective, of the 3,457 people who tested positive today, 190 of them will die if the statistical data remains consistent.  Take a moment to absorb those numbers.  The Governor has stated he will not begin lifting restrictions until there’s a steady decline in these numbers.

The State has taken steps to clarify what is or is not an essential retail business and issued several guidance documents this week.  Pet groomers, pet stores, pet adoption centers and boat marinas, to name a few, have been deemed essential and are allowed to operate.  The interpretation of the Governor’s Executive Orders is very difficult and there are varying degrees of exemptions to each of them.  For specific information residents can utilize the link below for guidance and interpretation regarding how businesses can operate:

The NJ Department of Health dashboard contains a tremendous amount of information regarding test positive cases by County, Town and Long Term Care Facilities.  Residents can use the link below to research the same.  As I have stated in many posts prior to this one, the Department of Health’s reporting is several days behind and in some cases inaccurate, however it does give you an idea of how the virus is spreading within the County and each respective community.  The Morris County Department of Health site has Florham Park slipping once again to the 19th highest infection rate within Morris County.  Your disciplined approach to social distancing is the driving force behind our continued descent on the infection test positive list.  Keep it up!!

The Motor Vehicle Commission had been slated to reopen on April 27th but has now decided to remain closed through May 10th.  Any driver’s license, registration, temporary registration or inspection certificate that expires before May 31st has been extended for two months.  Residents can view the link below for more specific information:

The Police Department has been receiving a significant increase in the number of Fraud reports within the last week.  The frauds are being perpetrated via phone and internet as criminals are taking advantage of the population being relegated to their homes and easier to target.  Please remember to never provide financial information or personal identifying information over the phone or internet.  Several communities have been experiencing mail theft from curbside mailboxes as well.  Please remember to monitor your mail, refrain from leaving mail in the box for extended periods of time and report suspicious activity to the Police immediately.

The Police Department has received donations of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) from residents and charities in the last week.  We have been sharing donated items with the First Aid Squad, Fire Department and with the Long Term Care Facilities within the Borough that have been devastated with the virus and lacking sufficient PPE supplies.  Your donations and continued support within the community has been phenomenal.

We have also been receiving food donations from several residents and local businesses which are greatly appreciated.  There have been too many to thank individually but know that all are appreciated and shared within the Borough when possible.

We received information earlier in the week regarding the return home, from the hospital, of one our local frontline workers, an 18-year-old First Aid Squad member.  We recommended not conducting a parade of sorts, as it was contradictory to what we as a community have been preaching regarding parades.  After conferring with the leadership of the First Aid Squad it was decided we would have one patrol vehicle lead one ambulance, as these frontline workers are in each other’s presence on a daily basis already, past the residence to welcome the member home.  While some in the community will argue that the patrol vehicle and ambulance is no different than conducting a birthday parade my response to them is this;

This 18-year-old resident risked his life to serve this community and to compare honoring his safe return home, after fighting for his life, to a child’s birthday celebration dishonors his selfless service.  I understand the hardships the Governor’s Executive Orders have placed on families, however all should weigh the short term gratification and satisfaction received from participating in congregating events versus the long term consequences of such behavior.  Remember 190 of the 3,457 test positives today will statistically die as a result of contracting the virus.

Lastly, I want to ensure everyone that all members of the Borough workforce, including the Mayor and Council, have been working towards and preparing for a return to normalcy.  Once the Governor provides guidance on reopening the State we will be prepared to move forward together.

Wishing everyone safety and wellness for you and your loved ones!!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator
April 25, 2020

Notice to Residents: April 21, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


Hope everyone is well.

The State has not been releasing much information, other than daily test positives and death totals.  It seems we have reached the surge they had been discussing for the last two weeks, as our daily test positives have been on average in the area of 3,500.  Yesterday’s death tally for the State was the highest number recorded to date at 376.

Some of you may be confused regarding the number of test positives for Florham Park.  The Morris County Department of Health website listed Florham Park at 82 test positive residents for April 20th.  Yesterday’s article on NJ.Com regarding Long Term Care Facilities within the State listed the total number of test positive residents of Long Term Care Facilities within Florham Park at 100.  That number did not account for the number of test positive residents that do not reside in Long Term Care Facilities.  There is a delay in the reporting from the labs to the State, who in turn distribute numbers to the individual Counties.  I wish I could provide you more accurate information regarding the number of infections within the Borough but unfortunately, due to HIPAA rules, I am receiving very limited information as well.  If the numbers regarding the Long Term Care Facilities was accurate, it is safe to assume we are well above the 100 mark for test positives.

The Governor has indicated he will announce his plan for reopening the State by week’s end.  I’m hopeful, as I am sure all of you are, that he provides us with something meaningful to focus on.  Until that time comes we will continue to work together to overcome whatever obstacles come our way.

Be safe and well.

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator
April 21, 2020

Notice to Residents: April 18, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


Patrols located a stolen vehicle with two masked suspects last night.  The suspects were entering unlocked vehicles in the residential neighborhood off Park Avenue.  A high speed pursuit ensued and had to be terminated due to high speeds and hazardous road conditions last night.

All residents are reminded to always lock their vehicles and homes at all times.  If you see any suspicious vehicles, people or activity notify the police immediately.

Stay safe!!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator
April 18, 2020

Notice to Residents: April 17, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


I wanted to write to all of you before the weekend to bring everyone up to speed with all that is happening locally and within the State.

The increase in numbers we saw early in the week appears not have been the result of the Easter holiday weekend but rather a surge in our region.  The State has experienced an average of 3,470 daily test positives, with an average of 349 daily deaths this week.  Luckily, the numbers for Florham Park, according to the Morris County Department of Health website, have remained consistent, as we maintain our ranking of 18th highest in Morris County.

I’m sure everyone is aware the Governor ordered all schools closed until May 15th, at which time he will reassess the State’s condition.  I have received questions regarding the Declared Public Health Emergency and Declared State of Emergency and how it relates to the May 15th date.  The Public Health Emergency is renewed every thirty days and the Declared State of Emergency is indefinite until the Governor rescinds his Executive Orders, therefore the Stay-At-Home Order is also indefinite until such Orders are rescinded.  The May 15th date is simply a time frame for review and not a date which should be looked upon as a finish line.

The President of the United States issued the “Opening Up America Again” guidelines last night.  There is a phased in approach for States or regions that meet certain criteria.  The New Jersey/New York region is deemed to be the epicenter of the virus infection and transmission, therefore any phased in re-opening approach for our region will be significantly delayed compared to other parts of the Country.  I again want to prepare all of you, as I have stated in past writings, that we all need to be prepared, with the proper mindset, for a marathon not a sprint.  Recovery for our area will be a prolonged process that we all must work towards together.

The United States Postal Service has advised Stimulus Checks will be going out soon.  This of course will lead to attempted criminal behavior such as mail thefts, or fraudulent activity via text and email.  All residents are reminded to never provide personal information over the phone or through email.  The Federal Government will not be contacting you via phone, text or email regarding stimulus funds.  Residents should also check their mailboxes regularly and not allow their mail to linger for extended periods of time.

There has been an increase in speeding, traffic accidents and traffic fatalities throughout the Country and the State.  The theory behind these increases is motorist’s reckless driving behaviors due to a reduced number of vehicles on the highways.  If you have to leave your house for essential travel remember there are significantly larger numbers of pedestrians, bikers, runners, children and pets on our streets as a result of the Stay-At-Home orders.  Please drive safely!!

Lastly, I want to report many of our State’s law enforcement officers have contracted the virus and several have perished as a result.  While a law enforcement officer’s life is no more important than any of yours or your loved ones, our officers do not have the ability to isolate and Stay-At-Home, which puts them at a significantly greater risk of contracting the virus.  Please keep that in mind when making decisions about non-essential travel and congregation.

Please continue to check on your elderly neighbors and family members and report any issues at all to  Have the best weekend possible and continue to be safe and well.

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator
April 17, 2020

Notice to Residents: April 14, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


I write to you tonight with some good and bad news.  The bad news is the holiday weekend produced underreported statistics, as today’s numbers reflect significant increases in the State’s total test positives (4,240) and deaths (362) related to COVID-19.  These numbers are undoubtedly a cumulative effect of the holiday weekend.  Some good news for residents of Florham Park, if you follow the daily test positive results on the Morris County Health Department website, you will see that although our numbers increase slightly each reporting day, they are increasing at a slower rate than other communities within the County.  While we ranked as the 13th highest test positives in Morris County last week, today we are 18th highest based upon the latest numbers available.  I would like to think we are dropping on that list due in large part to the efforts we have undertaken as a community.  Through the combined efforts of the Police/OEM, Fire/FAS Departments, Municipal Department Heads and Mayor/Council, along with our consistent messaging, and the residents’ willingness to abide by Executive Orders and Social Distancing standards we have slowed the spread in Florham Park.  We are playing our part!!

The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office provided some clarification on the required utilization of masks when entering essential retail businesses.  No one, including children under the age of two or people with health conditions preventing the use of a mask, will be allowed to enter an essential retail business.  The business must be able to accommodate curbside delivery to those individuals or they should not be able to operate as an essential business.

The Governor issued Executive Order 126 yesterday, suspending shut offs of internet or phone service due to non-payment, for the duration of the public health emergency.

Residents need reminding that while the majority of us are adhering to the Governor’s Executive Orders and Staying-At-Home, there is a criminal element seeking to seize upon the current environment.  Last night an unknown subject approached a vehicle in a driveway on Lakeview Avenue.  Luckily, the residence was equipped with a sensor light, which scared the subject off before any entry in the vehicle could be attempted.  Please remember to keep your vehicles and house locked at all times and never leave valuables inside your vehicles.

Criminal elements have been utilizing fraud tactics in attempts to take advantage of the COVID-19 health crisis.  Residents are reminded to never provide personal identifying information over the internet or through email.  The Federal Government and/or the IRS will never contact you via email or phone and ask you to provide them personal identifying information.
I ask all residents; please continue to work with your local officials, follow the Governor’s Executive Orders, maintain your Social Distancing discipline and together we will reduce the exposures in Florham Park and play our part, as a community, in flattening the curve in defeating this adversary.

Stay safe and well!!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator
April 14, 2020

Notice to Residents: April 12, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


First let me take a moment to wish everyone a Happy Easter, Happy Passover as well as any other celebration for your respective religious beliefs.  I hope everyone had a peaceful and enjoyable day with your family.

I have to extend a very heartfelt thank you to all of you who donated supplies to an in need resident, as well as the tremendous outpouring of support for the Police Department.  We are all truly blessed to live and work within a community so willing to help each other, especially those willing to help the agency whose sole purpose is to help all of you.  Words can’t express the feelings of thanks shared by me and the personnel I represent.

On this day I prefer not to harp on the negative, as all of the numbers we’ve been tracking continue to increase in the cumulative sense.  There is some belief that New Jersey is trending statistically the same way Italy has through this pandemic, that is to say Italy hit its peak at day 36 of the crisis and began a steady decline in the daily number of deaths related to Covid-19 thereafter.  Today marks day 40 for the State of New Jersey, we hit our peak at day 36 as well and have seen a decline in the number of deaths each day since.  Let’s hope today continues that trend and we work together, as a community and a State to overcome this devastation.

The Governor has signed three Executive Orders since I last wrote to all of you and I felt it was necessary, even today, to bring everyone up to speed on the State’s evolution.

Executive Order 123- Extending the grace periods for some insurance premium payments.

Executive Order 124- Furloughing the sentences of some Covid-19 high risk inmates.

Executive Order 125- This Order increases social distancing requirements on public transportation and in essential retail businesses.  This Order goes into effect tomorrow night, April 13, 2020, at 8:00pm.  Please see the below bullet points for an abbreviated explanation of the order:

·       Public Transportation may limit to 50% of its maximum occupancy

·       Passengers and workers must wear cloth masks unless you are below the age of 2 or have a medical condition which prevents you from being able to wear a mask. 

·       Must maintain 6 feet of distance within the transportation vessel

·       Must establish contactless payment options

·       All essential retail food and liquor store/bar establishments allowed to continue operations established in Executive Order 107 must now adhere to the following restrictions:

o   Must limit access to 10% of their establishments maximum occupancy and ensure 6 feet social distancing requirements

o   All workers must wear cloth masks and gloves

o   Establish infection control procedures for employee handwashing and sanitization of contact services

o   All customers must wear cloth masks in order to gain entry to the establishment, the only exception are those below the age of 2 and those with medical conditions which prevent the wearing of a mask.

o   Establishments must provide for curbside pick-up if possible for those customers not wearing or unwilling to wear a mask, unless they meet one of the two exceptions detailed above.

Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to bring 1.5 to 2 inches of rain as well as winds potentially reaching 50-65 mph.  Please be careful and make every effort to limit travel.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day, be safe and well!!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator
April 12, 2020

Road Improvement Project Notification










PH: 973-410-5473

Notice to Residents: April 9, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


A brief update to inform all of the new Executive Orders being issued by the Governor:

Executive Order 120 – Postponing Primary Elections until July 7, 2020.

Executive Order 121 – Raising the weight restriction limits on trucks transporting COVID-19 related supplies, PPE or Food deliveries on certain highways within the State.

Executive Order 122 – Prohibiting Non-Essential Construction and Enacting procedures for preventing the spread of the virus in Essential Retail businesses.  This Order goes into effect Friday, April 10th at 8:00 P.M.

The information surrounding Executive Order 122 is extensive.  There are several exemptions to the Non-Essential Construction Order and the procedures to be followed in Essential Retail stores will be difficult to explain in this post.  Please go to the following link to read an explanation of this particular Order:

I have been receiving requests regarding updates to the number of infected persons within Florham Park.  I am legally forbidden from releasing numbers, specific to Florham Park, of infected persons due to HIPAA laws, however the County Health Department can release numbers which can be found at the link below:

Be safe and well!!


Joseph Orlando

Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator

April 9, 2020

Notice to Residents: April 8, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


Much has happened since I last wrote to all of you.  Please read this post carefully as there is important information contained within.  I must preface by stating there is information contained within this post that will be upsetting to and anger some residents; I ask that you read the post in its entirety.

On March 9, 2020, when Governor Murphy issued Executive Order 103 declaring a Public Health Emergency and a State of Emergency, there were 11 presumptive test positive COVID-19 cases in New Jersey.  Today, as I type this post there are 47,437 positive cases and 1,504 reported deaths in the State of New Jersey.  Morris County has the 9th most positive cases, of the 21 Counties in the State and Florham Park has the 13th most positive cases of the 39 municipalities within the County. I provide these numbers to express to you this is a serious public health crisis that is affecting Florham Park residents, to a larger degree than some in the community believe and certainly to a greater extent than some are taking seriously.   The County is reporting that Community Spread is High.  As of this date, the projected number of hospital beds needed in the State of New Jersey is 12,554 with only 7,815 available.  The number of projected ICU beds needed in New Jersey is 2,274 with only 465 available. Please take a moment to absorb those numbers before continuing to read and keep in mind our laboratory reporting is two weeks behind and the projected peak in New Jersey is anywhere from two to four weeks away.

Yesterday Governor Murphy issued four (4) new Executive Orders detailed briefly below;

Executive Order 116 – Extends the deadlines for school board budget adoption and approval, as well as elections for school boards whose elections were scheduled for April of 2020.

Executive Order 117 – Waived all statutorily required student assessment testing for the 2019/2020 school year for all 8th grade students and the statutorily mandated graduation assessment for high school seniors.

Executive Order 118 – Closing of all State and County Parks.

Executive Order 119 – Extends the Public Health Crisis, which was set to expire tomorrow, an additional 30 days.  The Stay-At-Home order is indefinite at this time.

When the Governor issued Executive Order 108 there was an exception included in the same that allowed municipalities to further restrict access to municipal parks.  The Governor issued Executive Order 118 yesterday due in large part to the lack of adherence to social distancing within those areas.  We have been witnessing much of the same here in Florham Park. Despite our previous attempts at restricting activity in these areas congregation continues, as a result I have discussed with the Mayor and Council closing all municipal parks and facilities within Florham Park and to enforce violations of the same under the authority granted to me in Borough Ordinance 171-35 which reads as follows;

“No person shall enter a Borough park facility, lands or portions thereof that have been designated or posted as "Closed," "Park Closed," "No Trespassing," "Restricted Area," "Keep Out" or any other verbal or posted warning or physical barrier.

Therefore, as of today, April 8, 2020 at 7:00 PM, all Municipal Parks, Playgrounds, Parking Lots and Municipally owned Open Public Space, Schoolyards, Walking Trails and Bike Paths are closed to the public until further notice.

I, along with several other Chiefs of Police within the State, have been advising against birthday parades within the community as they lead to social gatherings at the beginning and end of the same.  The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, has stated portions of the parades violate the Governor’s Executive Orders and those violations can be enforced believing that deterrence is clearly outweighing education at this point.

I have instructed my officers to begin enforcing the portions of parades that violate the Governor’s Orders in an effort to stop the community spread of this virus and I again implore all residents to refrain from coordinating/participating in these events.

Lastly, the State has determined religious congregation, regardless of denomination, is a violation of the Governor’s Executive Orders.  This includes parking lot masses, drive by communion, even communion by appointment.  Several Holy days are approaching among several religious denominations.  Please keep in mind the Governor’s Executive Orders when deciding upon how to celebrate your respective faiths.

I understand some of what I have stated in this post will not sit well with some in the community.  My responsibility is not to endear myself to all members, as I have made significant efforts to do since being sworn in as Chief of Police, rather my oath, which I swore to uphold, requires that I do everything in my power to protect every member of this community.  My actions since this Public Health Emergency was declared have been to minimize the impact of the same upon all of you while maintaining the safest environment possible for the community.  The evolution of this crisis and the drastic increase in test positive cases/deaths, which has impacted Florham Park, due to community spread has dictated I take these actions for the benefit of all members within the community.

Wishing safety and wellness to you and your loved ones!!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator
April 8, 2020

Notice to Residents: April 5, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


Once again I write to you with evolving information in this ever changing situation.

The number of test positives and deaths in New Jersey continue to rise.  I'm sure you've already seen the numbers today have reached 37,505 test positives with 917 deaths in the State.  Reports indicate the laboratories are two weeks behind in processing test results which means we all need to prepare for a lot of bad news in the next couple of weeks.  New York has yet to reach their plateau and we're reported to be approximately one (1) to one and a half (1.5) weeks behind them.

This week is what would have been Spring Break for most schools in Morris County.  The weather tomorrow and Tuesday is predicted to be sunny and warm.  I know it will be extremely difficult to remain at home and disciplined with your social distancing efforts but it's a critical component of this battle we find ourselves in.  I could continue to post links for articles and CDC websites but everyone is well aware of the recommendations by now.  It's incumbent upon all of us to be diligent as the life you save may not just be your own but the lives of your neighbors, friends and their families.  The most dangerous part of this virus is that infected people, who show no signs or symptoms, can pass the virus along to others.  This is why social distancing and Stay-At-Home mandates have been stressed at all levels.  The Governor's Executive Order tells us that we can visit family members and those with whom we have a close personal relationship.  The Order then defines close personal relationship as a Caregiver or dating partner.  Please keep this in mind when making decisions about travel or congregating.

There has been a big push in several communities to conduct teacher parades and or birthday parades for students and children respectively.  There has been a lot of discussion about these events throughout the State amongst Police Chiefs, Prosecutor's and the Attorney General's Office.  The directive we've been given is that the parades themselves are not a violation of any particular order, however they are strongly discouraged as they may lead to other behaviors that are prohibited.  I am requesting all resident refrain from such parades as this virus is an airborne disease, it's just not worth the chance of infecting someone.

The Governor and NJOEM Director issued two Orders that I want residents to be aware of.  First, the Governor issued Executive Order 113 which states in part the Government can commandeer property, supplies and private property in order to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.  I bring this up because I want to alleviate any fear and prevent the spread of rumors when it comes to the State Government commandeering private property of the citizens.  This Order was drafted explicitly for the purpose of commandeering critically needed medical supplies and large facilities for use as medical facilities in the event our hospitals become overwhelmed.  Second, the NJOEM Director issued Administrative Order 2020-08 which states in part individual municipalities have been given the authority to restrict hotels/motels/rentals from accepting new transients into their jurisdictions to help prevent the spread of the virus.  More specifically it focuses on the shore communities and gives those municipalities the right to deny residents with secondary homes from moving into those homes and potentially overwhelming the community's emergency services.  Something to think about for those residents with secondary homes in the shore communities.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) anticipates opening on April 12, 2020, however it has issued orders that extend Driver License, Registration (including Temp Tags), and Inspection expirations for two months from the date of expiration.  See the  link below for details:

If any resident is considered essential personnel or works in a business that is considered essential and is having trouble finding Daycare with their kids being out of school, you can use the link below to find childcare facilities authorized to operate within the State.  The list is categorized by County.  There are two facilities within Florham Park authorized to operate under the current Executive Orders:

I want to end with three points.  First, our officers, the volunteer members of the First Aid Squad and the Fire Department are not allowed to Stay-At-Home.  They're all essential personnel required to perform their respective duties in this extremely dangerous environment.  Not only do they put their health and safety at risk but the health and safety of their own families.  Please respect this and do everything you can to refrain from congregating unnecessarily and adhere to the Executive Orders and Administrative Orders that have been issued. 

Second, critical cleaning and sanitizing supplies are in short supply and in very high demand.  If any resident has Clorox and or Lysol Disinfecting Wipes who are willing to donate the same to the Police Department, it will help our officers to remain healthy and safe as they require supplies to sanitize their vehicles and equipment after every citizen encounter.  Any resident able to donate can send an email to with your address and I will respond with a time for the supplies to be picked up outside your residence.

Lastly, one of our elderly residents is in need of our community's assistance.  The resident lives alone and is need of Hydrogen Peroxide or Rubbing Alcohol to clean a medical device, on a daily basis.  Without proper cleaning he runs the risk of an infection which will severely compromise his health.  These products are in low supply in the grocery stores, if any resident has full completely sealed bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide or Rubbing Alcohol please email and we'll make arrangements to pick up the supplies from your residence and safely deliver them to the resident. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this update, please be safe and remain well!!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator
April 5, 2020

Notice to Residents: Another Update from the Chief of Police


A lot has been happening the past couple of days and I ask that you bear with me as I bring you up to speed on our current situation which is evolving daily.

On March 21, 2020, Governor Murphy issued Executive Order 107, in which he stated as of March 20, 2020 there were approximately 890 confirmed positive cases in the State of New Jersey.  As I type this post, just 12 days later, there are 22,255 test positives being reported in the State.  The President and the Governor are both reporting the worst is still in front of us with the surge of positive cases expected two weeks from now.  I’m sure all of you are aware the Stay-At-Home order has been pushed out to April 30th and there are no guarantees things will return to normal abruptly at that time.  We all need to be preparing ourselves mentally for the tough road ahead.  Florham Park's daily test positives can be found at the link below:

We have received calls/emails from seniors in need of food shopping.  A list of volunteer residents was established early on in this situation and is being coordinated through the efforts of the Borough Council to get those seniors their needed supplies.  Please continue to check on your elderly neighbors and/or family members and forward any requests through the following email address;

Several local grocery stores have adjusted their hours and created senior only hours to accommodate as many people as possible.  Those seniors who like to do their own shopping can find hours to accommodate you at the following locations:

  1. ACME – Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00am to 9:00am
  2. Costco – Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00am to 9:00am
  3. Stop & Shop – Daily from 6:00am to 7:30am
  4. Target – Wednesday from 8:00am to 9:00am
  5. Trader Joe’s – Dedicated line for Seniors daily from 9:00am to 10:00am
  6. Walmart – Tuesday from 6:00am to 7:00am

The link below will bring you a listing of all grocery stores with senior dedicated hours;

The FBI and Homeland Security are advising there are high incidents of fraud surrounding the Stimulus Package passed by Congress last week.  People are targeting individuals via phone/email attempting to obtain personal identifying information and telling them it’s necessary in order to receive their stimulus money.  All residents should be aware that the Federal Government will not be contacting anyone via phone/internet/email to obtain information from you in order to receive your entitled stimulus funds.  Do not give anyone your personal identifying information.  Furthermore, door to door solicitation is a violation of the Governor’s Executive Orders and anyone who observes any type of solicitation should not answer their door and contact the Police Department immediately.

I spoke today with Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Caponegro, who advised me he observed several groups of students congregating together while he was leaving Ridgedale Middle School.  We respectfully ask that all parents refrain from allowing your children to congregate with non-family members.  I also spoke with Father Thomas, of Holy Family Church, who advised me that he will be closing the church to all parishioners due to social distancing violations occurring within the parish.  He asked me to notify all Holy Family parishioners of the same and that he as well will be emailing you.  Father Thomas also expressed concern of several children playing in the Holy Family parking lots. 

Front line first responders, especially hospital staff, nurses, doctors, first aid squad members and paramedics are battling this virus at extreme risk to their personal safety, for excessively long shifts and are in need of our support and respect.  Meet Me in FP has joined forces with FLAG-CM to support local food establishments and feed those first responders at a time when they need us the most.  See the Florham Park Community Forum on Facebook for information on how to help if you’re interested;

I ask all residents to take this virus and the current situation we find ourselves in very seriously.  This is a highly contagious disease and failure to adhere to proper social distancing standards, proper handwashing and personal hygiene can be catastrophic.   The disease is believed to be spread through airborne droplets expelled from humans which is why social distancing is crucial in stopping the spread.

Lastly I want to ensure all residents that the Florham Park Police Department Office of Emergency Management is working diligently with all Borough partners to include the Mayor and Council, Florham Park Fire Department and First Aid Squad, the Morris County Office of Emergency Management, the State Office of Emergency Management, East Hanover and Madison Emergency Services and Atlantic Health, as well as all Florham Park Department Heads to provide all of you with the highest level of service while providing everyone with safest possible environment during this time.

Please email any questions or concerns to and someone will respond to you in a timely fashion.

Wishing everyone safety and wellness.

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator

Notice to Residents: Additional Update from the Chief of Police

State numbers of confirmed infections continue to rise daily and are expected to continue along this trend.  Please see the link below, which will bring you to the County of Morris, Office of Health Management website where they are posting COVID-19 cases for each municipality.
There is also information on this website regarding the newly opened Morris County Drive-Thru testing center located on the campus of the County College of Morris.  You must have a prescription for testing, you must read and accept their consent form and you must have an appointment to be tested. 
 The State issued Administrative Order 2020-6 yesterday, clarifying essential businesses within the State.  Some of the abbreviated points are as follows:
1.       Realtors can show houses to individuals or families by appointment only.  Open houses are now considered impermissible.
2.       Car dealers can conduct sales online or remote sales by phone, text or email.  Vehicles sold in this manner can be delivered to the purchaser or the purchaser can pick up the vehicle curbside from the dealership’s service lane.
3.       Firearms dealers can complete sales/transfers by appointment only during limited hours.
4.       All golf courses, public and private are closed to members.
Please remember our Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) are in very short supply and in very high demand.  There are shortages of these materials all over the Country and first responders require them in order to protect themselves from contracting the virus.  Please refrain from calling emergency services for medical related issues that are non-emergent.  Every call for service requires some form of PPE be utilized thus diminishing our already limited supply.
The Morris County Freeholders, along with Parsippany residents, established Feed the Front Lines in order to support local food establishments and deliver much needed meals to first responders.  See the advertisement for how to participate if interested.
Stay safe and be well.

Notice to Residents: Update from the Chief of Police


I’m sure many of you, like me, have been tuned into the events surrounding the Coronavirus on television and through other media sources.  The President of the United States has encouraged a Stay-At-Home order until April 30th believing a return to normalcy prior to that could reignite a secondary outbreak of this virus.  I would again like to echo my sentiments from Friday night’s post, this is not going to come to end quickly.  We as a community must be prepared to endure the length of this virus as we will inevitably return to normalcy, hopefully with the least amount of negative impact on our population possible.

I have received reports that some, whether residents of our community or visitors coming to shop in our center district, have irresponsibly been discarding gloves and face masks in the parking lots of those establishments.  Know that discarding potentially infected personal protective equipment (PPE) haphazardly can release the virus in the air and infect other persons.  I will be instructing members of the Police Department to aggressively enforce the littering ordinances against any individual discarding PPE in this fashion.  It is grossly irresponsible and negligent behavior.

Our officers and volunteer First Aid Squad members have been responding to increased numbers of service calls for medical related issues.  Several of these calls are non-emergent and centered around peoples fear and anxiety of the virus.  Please visit the CDC website or for details on what is considered coronavirus symptomatic. 

Lastly, in the days ahead you may observe members of the DPW in our parks and recreation facilities working to prepare them for future use.  This does not mean the parks or recreation facilities are open.  Parks and recreation facilities are mandated to be closed by the Governor’s Executive Orders as well the Morris County Office of Emergency Management Emergency Declaration.  The work is being done to simply prepare those areas for the public's use when we recover from this current situation.

Wishing everyone and their families to be safe and well.


 Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police

Notice to Residents: Another Message from the Chief of Police


The State is reporting the laboratories are behind in the analysis which means they anticipate significant increases in the days and weeks ahead.

I say this not to create panic or hysteria but to implore all residents to understand this situation we find ourselves in is serious and is not going to come to an end quickly.  We will be involved in this crisis for several weeks and the Stay at Home Order issued by the Governor will more than likely remain in effect for the entirety of that time. 

A conference call was conducted this morning involving the Attorney General and the State OEM Director, who is the Colonel of the State Police.  Both have indicated on numerous occasions that local law enforcement should warn residents who are not adhering to the mandates in the Governor's Executive Order.  However, their tone and direction is beginning to shift towards one of enforcement.  I write this to all of you in an effort to prevent our officers from having to take action against our residents.  I drive the neighborhoods and observe kids outside together, adults walking together and hear from other residents of people having parties within their homes or out of State guests.  These are all violations of the Governor's Executive Order.  While being outside and obtaining beneficial exercise is not prohibited, in fact it's encouraged, the Executive Order specifically states that non-family members should not be congregating outside or exercising together, nor should they be visiting each other's homes, unless it's a dating partner, and parties consisting of non-family members in excess of 10 people are prohibited.

The weeks ahead are going to be difficult, I would be lying to you if I told you it was going to be easy or that it would all be coming to end shortly.  If we work together we can limit the exposures, flatten the infection rate curve and protect our citizens and first responders in the process. 

The members of the Police Department are patrolling the Borough 24 hours a day and we'll always be available to help any of our resident or guests with any issue that may arise.  We're now asking you to help us, work with us to help prevent the spread of this virus, be force multipliers for us in the community and report violations of the Executive Order and most importantly be responsible for your own actions.

We thank you all for your continued support and hope all are safe and well!!

Notice to Residents: A Message from the Chief of Police


As I am sure you are aware, coronavirus test positives are increasing within the State at an accelerated rate, due in large part to the increase and availability of testing.

This is an invisible disease and airborne exposures can occur in any environment, even the outdoors.  Social distancing is a critical strategy in the fight against this disease.  With the passage of time and as the weather begins to warm, this strategy will become increasingly difficult as people will want to get out of their houses.  Today the Police Department had to disperse groups of kids from parks and playgrounds.  The Superintendent of schools, Dr. Caponegro, reiterated last week the importance of social distancing amongst students and reminding all that being away from school is not a vacation at this time.

Please help us in Florham Park to reduce our exposures and infections and remember that infected children can expose older more vulnerable family members to the disease.  Please do your best to stay home and maintain proper distancing.

Notice to Residents: Governor's Update - Executive Order 110


The Governor issued Executive Order 110 today authorizing Daycare Centers to remain open after April 1, 2020 if they provide childcare services to essential employees only.  All other Daycare Centers will not be allowed to operate after April 1st.  Please go to for details and explanations of the order, as well as explanations of who essential personnel are.

The virus is spreading very slowly in Florham Park with very few exposures.  Please continue to maintain discipline with your social distancing efforts as it is inevitably having a positive impact in Florham Park. 

There will be further updates tomorrow.  Please continue to follow this page, the Florham Park Police Department website, the Florham Park Borough website, and FPTV on Optimum Channel 21 as well as Fios channel 35.

We are aware of some technical difficulties with Optimum Channel 21 which we hope to have rectified tomorrow.

Please check on your elderly neighbors and family members.

Be safe!!

Notice to Residents: Governor's Update - Executive Order 107

*** UPDATE - Landscaping businesses are permitted to continue operating ***


Governor Murphy just announced Executive Order 107 will go into effect at 9:00pm tonight in an effort to create additional social distancing efforts.  Florham Park has been ahead of the curve in this aspect and that is a credit to all who have cooperated with the previous orders.

For complete details regarding the Governor's order please click on the link below.  The site is very informative and provides a break down of the order which goes into effect tonight.

Please remember the members of the Florham Park Police Department are working around the clock to help the community in any way possible.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any concerns or issues that we can address.  Furthermore, while we cherish our residents and the relationships we have worked tirelessly to forge, we are mandated to enforce the Governor's Executive Orders.  

Please remember to check on the elderly and forward any assistance requests to

Please see attached link for all information and concerns pertaining to COVID19

Notice to Residents: Scam Alert


Please see / click on the attached link to visit the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness' message regarding false information being distributed via phone calls and text messages.

Notice to Residents: State OEM Director Update


The State OEM Director issued an addendum to the Governor's Executive Order 104 further restricting the operations of businesses in an extraordinary effort to create social distancing.  All hair salons, nail salons, barber shops, elective cosmetic surgery centers, massage parlors, VFW Posts, American Legion Posts and Knights of Columbus facilities have all been ordered closed effective 8:00pm tonight.

The County of Morris has declared a County Wide Declaration of Emergency ordering the closing of all outdoor recreation fields, playgrounds, indoor bathing (swimming) locations, indoor sport facilities and tennis clubs.

Please be aware that those wishing to take advantage of the current crisis have attempted telephone scam campaigns or door to door scams as well.  There are no alerts being pushed to the public via cell phone calls, text messages or emails.  All guidance from the State and County are being distributed to local Police, Mayor and Council representatives.  If you are looking for information regarding the Covid-19 crisis please continue to visit this Facebook Page, the Borough Website at, the Police Department website at, the CDC website and the NJDOH website.  There are no Covid-19 responders or health officials responding to local residences to provide information or assistance to the public.  If anyone appears at your residence claiming to be providing Covid-19 information or assistance contact the Police Department immediately by dialing 911.

Residents should be prepared for prolonged State and Countywide mandated closings.  Please remember to check on elderly neighbors and family members.  Contact the police department to report any elderly residents in need of assistance or email

Be safe!!

Notice to Residents: Governor's Executive Order Snapshot


In an effort to keep all informed of the evolving Coronavrius situation the Florham Park Police Department Office of Emergency Management is providing this update.  Attached to this posting is a snapshot of the Governor's Executive Order regarding the mandatory initiatives he has authorized.  Please read them carefully and abide by the same in the interest of public safety and to reduce the risk of virus transmission. 

The curfew from 8:00pm until 5:00am is RECOMMENDED, it has not been made mandatory.

The Police Department Office of Emergency Management has been working daily with the Mayor and Council, Health Department, County OEM, School Superintendent, Borough Department Heads as well as various surrounding jurisdictions to ensure the safety and well being of all Borough residents. 

Please refrain from listening to rumors regarding the virus or the Borough's response to the same.   We have made a conscientious effort to provide all residents with single source information through the Florham Park Police Department Office of Emergency Management.  Official information concerning the Coronavirus can be found at the CDC website or the NJDOH website.

Please make an effort to telephone elderly neighbors/family members and check on their well being.  A list of volunteers is being established to help shop and deliver groceries to those in need.  Please email if you know of someone in need of the service or would like to volunteer to help.  Please do not deliver groceries or supplies directly with those in need, proper personal protection measures need to be followed in order to protect the most vulnerable of our residents. 

Please check back regularly for updates.  You can also find information at the Borough website, the Police Department website at, as well as the Borough of Florham Park Facebook Page. 

Be safe everyone!!

Notice to Residents: New Jersey Governor's Office Update


Our current situation continues to evolve on an hourly basis.  Please take comfort in the knowledge that Borough officials have acted swiftly, in a coordinated effort across all disciplines, to ensure the safety of all residents and visitors to the Borough.  The Governor of the State of NJ, in conjunction with the Governor's of New York and Connecticut, have issued the following;
Please see the below information which was provided by the New Jersey Governor’s Office:
·       New Jersey will be joining New York and Connecticut in closing down movies and gyms effective this evening.
·       Gatherings larger than 50 people will be prohibited.
·       Gyms will be closing at 8 PM and remain closed moving forward.
·       Bars and Restaurants will be closing at 8 PM moving forward, with the ability to re-open each day to offer take-out and delivery services.
·       Food establishments will be prohibited from offering eat-in services.
·       The Governor will be recommending that people should not travel between 8:00 PM and 5:00 AM. The goal will be to discourage people from traveling at those times.
·       Establishments such as supermarkets/pharmacies will not be affected by the mandatory 8 PM closures. They will remain open to provide services for all residents.
·       The State is anticipated to provide specific details later today.
The Police Department has been providing the recommended protocols to all religious institutions, catering halls, hotels and businesses within the center district.

As the State continue to provide guidance we will provide the same to all of you.  In the meantime we feel it is prudent for all residents to abide by the State's recommendations regarding travel after 8:00pm and to continue to practice social distancing as much as possible.

We will continue to provide updates as the situation unfolds.  Residents can also obtain updates from the Borough website at or the Police Department website at

Notice to Residents: Closing of Borough Facilities

Florham Park Residents,

The Borough of Florham Park has closed all facilities due to a member of the Borough workforce testing positive for the Coronavirus.  The closings are out of an abundance of caution to sanitize all Borough facilities and to protect essential personnel from contracting the virus, while allowing the incubation period of the virus to pass.

Currently there are no officers within the Police Department exhibiting symptoms of the virus. The Police Department will continue to serve the residents of the Borough, while maintaining precautions to prevent its officers from any potential exposure.

Residents are urged and encouraged to practice social distancing to prevent the spread of this virus.  School closings were a proactive measure to prevent exposure and potential transmission of the virus, continuing to have students congregate outside of the schools is counterproductive to the proactive measures taken by the school district.

Finally we ask that residents follow our Facebook page and sign up for Alert Florham Park. We will update residents as the situation evolves.  We are in constant communication with the local Heath Department and the County Office of Emergency Management. Please don’t allow rumors to create widespread panic or hysteria.

Lock it or Lose it

The Morris County Chiefs of Police Association, in conjunction with the Morris County Sheriff and the Morris County Prosecutor, have initiated an Auto Theft Task Force to combat the scourge of Auto Thefts and Vehicle Burglaries that have plagued Morris County in recent years.  Residents are encouraged to assist in this initiative by doing the following;

Lock your vehicles at all times when not in use.

Never leave key fobs inside your vehicle.

Never leave valuables in plain sight within your vehicle.

Report suspicious people in your neighborhood to the Police immediately.

Neighbors should watch out for neighbors and advise them if you see their vehicles unlocked or with valuables within the same.

Call 911 to report crimes in progress – DON'T DELAY.

Child Safety Seat Inspection Update

For over 20 years, the Florham Park Police Department - in cooperation with the Florham Park Fire Prevention Bureau - has been educating and assisting the community on child safety seat installations at no cost to the individual.  Due to limited resources, there no longer will be the monthly Child Safety Seat Checkpoints held at the Brooklake Road Firehouse or walk-in requests for help.

Beginning February 1st, the Florham Park Police Department will assist Florham Park residents only looking for guidance on child safety seat installations by appointment only.  Those requesting assistance are asked to contact Sergeant Bundschuh at 973-410-5375 and leave a message with your name, phone number, and preferred availability.

For other local alternatives and monthly checkpoints where no appointment is necessary, please visit the following link:

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and understanding.


AlertFlorhamPark will allow you to get emergency notifications in any manner you choose, including phone, email, text, or social media, so you can stay informed during major storms or other emergencies taking place in Florham Park or throughout Morris County. Users have the ability to enter multiple addresses located in multiple jurisdictions within a single profile. If you care for a loved one who lives in another Morris County town and want to be notified of issues affecting that person’s municipality, your one registration process will satisfy that need.

AlertFlorhamPark also offers a free Smart911 signup option for county residents, providing a greatly enhanced and potentially lifesaving 9-1-1 emergency call service for anyone who registers for it.

Smart911 is FREE, and your information is secure, accessible only to a 9-1-1 call taker. This service can provide key information to responders that can make your family safer. For example:

  • Address Details: How to access your home, number of bedrooms, location of utility shut-offs, and if you live in a multi-family building;
  • Family Details: Number of residents, ages, photos of children, and your landline and mobile phone numbers;
  • Medical Information: Medical conditions of certain residents, medications taken/required, allergies, mobility of residents, and if special equipment is needed in an emergency;
  • Animals: A list of your pets, service animals and livestock, and their names so responders are aware of them as they enter your home. Also, include the name of your veterinarian;
  • Emergency Contacts: Family members, friends or neighbors to be contacted in case of an emergency;
  • Vehicles: Make, model and license plate number in case of a motor vehicle accident.

Residents can offer as much or as little information to first responders through Smart911 as they wish.

Florham Park Police Social Media


Message from the Chief:


Community Members, another school year is upon us and as such, school and traffic safety are of paramount concern to the Police Department.  In an effort to maximize the safety of the Borough’s schools, we have hired and will be placing SLEO III Officers at each of the three public schools.  Those officers will work in accordance with statutorily mandated hours requirements, therefore their scheduling and presence in the schools will fluctuate.  

Our two full time School Resource Officers (SRO’s) will remain within the schools to maintain a presence, teach DARE/Anti-Bullying related curriculum and to continue to nurture relationships with the community’s youth.  Our patrol officers will continue to randomly visit all of the Borough’s schools on a daily basis for an additional layer of security.  The Police Department’s administration will continue to maintain a close working relationship with the Board of Education, Superintendent of Schools and all of the Principals in an effort to provide the safest environment for our school system.

Parking and speeding are always issues in and around the schools.  We will have several officers patrolling and enforcing speed, parking and other traffic related violations within the school zones and residential areas that surround the same.  We ask that all residents, especially those who will be driving to the schools, to obey the posted speed limits and to park in designated spots only.

Have a safe school year!!

Joseph J. Orlando
Chief of Police
Florham Park Police Department