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Notice to Residents: June 3, 2021 Update from the Chief of Police


We received some information from our County partners that car theft/burglary rings have changed their Modus Operandi from participating in their criminal activity during the overnight hours, to morning and afternoon hours.

Yesterday at 10:40am a resident watched their vehicle, which was unlocked with the key fob inside the same, being stolen out of their driveway.  The resident was able to alert the police department immediately and officers located the vehicle on Columbia Turnpike, being followed by another stolen vehicle from Staten Island.  The vehicles fled our patrols at high speeds through the center of town, placing motorists, cyclists and pedestrians at risk of serious bodily injury and/or death.  Our patrols were forced to terminate our pursuit of the same and the suspects fled across our borders into Livingston, eventually crashing in Millburn.  The driver of our stolen vehicle was apprehended, charged and lodged in the Morris County Correctional Facility.  

I’m writing this post for several reasons.  First and foremost is to educate our residents on the current crime trend of daytime motor vehicle burglaries and thefts.  Secondly, to reiterate to all residents the importance of locking your vehicles and homes day and night regardless of whether you are home or not.  The Attorney General, of the State of NJ, has issued Guidelines forbidding police officers, in the State of NJ, from pursuing stolen vehicles effective December 31, 2021.  This, among other legislative and directives from the State, have emboldened the criminal element and tied the hands of police officers in responding to and dealing with these individuals and the crimes committed.  Lastly, I must implore all residents to assist our department in maintaining the overall safety of our community by playing your part in preventing yourselves from becoming a victim.  The failure to observe the prevention strategies we have been stressing leads to criminal victimization.  Our response to that victimization and attempts to apprehend those responsible puts the overall community at risk.  

Yesterday’s events could have ended tragically, luckily, our patrols were able to secure several intersections and prevent a juvenile bicyclist from entering the roadway just prior to the suspects passing through the intersection the juvenile would have crossed.  It is everyone’s responsibility to participate in community safety.  The essence of community policing is the people are the police and the police are the people.  We need you all as much as you need us to protect this community.  Please play your part.

Stay safe,
Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police
June 3, 2021

Notice to Residents: May 27, 2021 Scam Alert!

** Important Scam Information for Residents!! **

Fraudulent notices are being sent to residents via mail advising them of delinquent water or sewer bills.  These notices are providing residents with means to clear their names and bills by paying a contact in the mailing.  The ones we’ve seen so far are falsely claiming to be from Chase Bank, but that does not mean other names aren’t being used also.  

Residents need to know the ONLY notices you will receive regarding your water or sewer bills will be from the Borough and THAT’S IT!  DO NOT PAY these fraudulent mailings.  If you have received one of these notices and paid, contact Detective Rachel at 973-410-5447.  This matter remains under investigation.

Notice to Residents: May 12, 2021 Update from the Chief of Police


As I write this post we find ourselves in the middle of Police Week, which culminates with Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Day on May 15, 2021. I cannot help but reflect upon the last 14 months and the turmoil our Country and our Borough have experienced in dealing with a Global Pandemic, winter storms, summer storms, calls for police reform, protests and a never ending news cycle appearing to provide nothing but continuous negativity.  I wanted to thank all of our residents for the encouragement, kind words and support you always provide us, but I also wanted to share what being a police officer is like on any given day, even in a peaceful Borough such as ours.  Please bear with me for a few minutes while I detail a typical patrol shift;

April 24th starts like any other day for the officers in the Police Department.  Morning roll call, followed by the gathering of gear, preparing patrol vehicles and completing the daily safety/maintenance checks of all equipment, computers, radios and vehicles.  Officers embark upon their 12-hour tour of duty in service of the Borough.  Center Patrols of our business district begin to ensure pedestrian and traffic safety, business owners greeted, parking lots monitored, residents and visitors are made to feel secure through our presence.

Officers begin to provide high visibility patrols of soft target areas as a deterrence to crime or violent extremist activity.  Enforcement activities are initiated on residential streets and high-volume traffic areas to prevent motor vehicle accidents and foster an overall safe community for vehicle, bicycle, or pedestrian traffic.

Additional Officers respond to a community-based event at the Ridgedale Middle School.  Drug Take Back results in the removal of 92 pounds of unwanted medications from residents’ homes, which are secured by the Police Department and eventually transported for destruction.

A seemingly serene day in the Borough interrupted by an onslaught of 911 calls for a horrific motor vehicle crash.  Five of the Borough’s Officers respond to the scene of a vehicle engulfed in flames.  Vehicle occupants are severely injured and/or burned and CPR is initiated in an effort to save the life of a vehicle occupant.  Multiple hours are spent securing the scene and coordinating with additional agencies and emergency services.  A life is lost.

Those same five officers, only 3 hour later, respond to the residence of a four year old, who is enamored with the Police, to surprise him as he celebrated his birthday.  Those officers having just witnessed a traumatic scene of injury and death were now comingled with children and their family members to celebrate a child’s birthday wish.   

The officers resume their patrol duties and finish out their tour with more high visibility patrols, traffic enforcement initiatives and a welfare check for a resident who dialed 911 in error.  They park their patrol vehicles, change out of their uniforms and head home to their families after having experienced the best and worst life has to offer, all in a 12-hour tour of duty.  They’ll return the following day to do it all over again.

The events depicted above were actual events occurring within the Borough.  I detailed these events with purposeful intent. My hope is residents will read this post and come to understand the highs and lows our officers face on a daily basis, not just here in Florham Park, but everywhere.   Police Week is about celebrating Police Officers and honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in protection of the communities they serve.  I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to honor Florham Park’s fallen officers, Detective Francis Dailey and Patrolman Robert Hauptman, both of whom died in the line of duty July 17, 1975.

Police Week will culminate with a candlelight vigil in honor of the lost, a ceremony, which unfortunately most will not see covered in the media.  Added to the names of the fallen will be four officers feloniously murdered in the line of duty since Monday of this week alone.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and know that every single day we wake with intent to provide the greatest level of service to the residents of this great Borough.

Thank you again for all of your continued support of our Department and our officers.


Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police
May 12, 2021

Notice to Residents: April 29, 2021 Update from the Health Officer

Good evening, all.

I’m pleased to announce that the Pequannock Health Department, in Partnership with Walmart, will be conducting a community COVID vaccination clinic at the Florham Park Community Center, 111 Ridgedale Ave, on Thursday, May 6th from 9a to 4p. This clinic is available to anyone 18 or older. Appointments are required.

The phone number that is required to be used to make appointments or ask clinic related questions is listed on the attached flyer link below. The vaccine to be administered will be the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. At this time, this vaccine only requires one shot in order to be considered fully vaccinated.  Also, below are the registration forms that must be completed and brought to the scheduled appointment. Park Clinic May 6 PQCF_Updated_for_COVID19_IMZ Janssen (1).pdf?ver=KBneyr4ENeoRrK-HXFHvzQ%3d%3d

Best Regards,
Thomas Cantisano
Health Officer
Pequannock Township Health Department

Notice to Residents: April 29, 2021 Update from the Chief of Police


The shortening of our school days, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, has resulted in several of our children utilizing bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, etc. in the afternoons throughout town.  While we encourage outdoor activities and exercise, we also encourage traffic safety; therefore, we will begin our annual Bicycle Helmet Award Program on Monday, May 3, 2021.  We generally begin our program at the end of the school year to encourage our community’s youth to practice bicycle, skateboarding, rollerblading safety, however, the shorter school days have resulted in an earlier than expected increase in this activity.

McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts have partnered with the Florham Park Local PBA to provide Ice Cream to those receiving Bicycle Helmet Awards.  Our officers will begin distributing the awards on May 3rd, to those under the age of 17 utilizing proper head protection while participating in the above stated activity. 

We have observed several of our community’s youth violating the State Law mandating helmet utilization by those under the age of 17.  Parents of those individuals can be issued summonses for such offenses.  Please help us maintain general traffic safety and keep the children of the community safe by requiring your children to wear the mandated equipment while participating in these activities.

The Helmet/Bicycle Safety Laws can be viewed at the link below;

Be safe everyone!!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police
April 29, 2021


AlertFlorhamPark will allow you to get emergency notifications in any manner you choose, including phone, email, text, or social media, so you can stay informed during major storms or other emergencies taking place in Florham Park or throughout Morris County. Users have the ability to enter multiple addresses located in multiple jurisdictions within a single profile. If you care for a loved one who lives in another Morris County town and want to be notified of issues affecting that person’s municipality, your one registration process will satisfy that need.

AlertFlorhamPark also offers a free Smart911 signup option for county residents, providing a greatly enhanced and potentially lifesaving 9-1-1 emergency call service for anyone who registers for it.

Smart911 is FREE, and your information is secure, accessible only to a 9-1-1 call taker. This service can provide key information to responders that can make your family safer. For example:

  • Address Details: How to access your home, number of bedrooms, location of utility shut-offs, and if you live in a multi-family building;
  • Family Details: Number of residents, ages, photos of children, and your landline and mobile phone numbers;
  • Medical Information: Medical conditions of certain residents, medications taken/required, allergies, mobility of residents, and if special equipment is needed in an emergency;
  • Animals: A list of your pets, service animals and livestock, and their names so responders are aware of them as they enter your home. Also, include the name of your veterinarian;
  • Emergency Contacts: Family members, friends or neighbors to be contacted in case of an emergency;
  • Vehicles: Make, model and license plate number in case of a motor vehicle accident.

Residents can offer as much or as little information to first responders through Smart911 as they wish.

Florham Park Police Social Media


Message from the Chief:


Community Members, another school year is upon us and as such, school and traffic safety are of paramount concern to the Police Department.  In an effort to maximize the safety of the Borough’s schools, we have hired and will be placing SLEO III Officers at each of the three public schools.  Those officers will work in accordance with statutorily mandated hours requirements, therefore their scheduling and presence in the schools will fluctuate.  

Our two full time School Resource Officers (SRO’s) will remain within the schools to maintain a presence, teach DARE/Anti-Bullying related curriculum and to continue to nurture relationships with the community’s youth.  Our patrol officers will continue to randomly visit all of the Borough’s schools on a daily basis for an additional layer of security.  The Police Department’s administration will continue to maintain a close working relationship with the Board of Education, Superintendent of Schools and all of the Principals in an effort to provide the safest environment for our school system.

Parking and speeding are always issues in and around the schools.  We will have several officers patrolling and enforcing speed, parking and other traffic related violations within the school zones and residential areas that surround the same.  We ask that all residents, especially those who will be driving to the schools, to obey the posted speed limits and to park in designated spots only.

Have a safe school year!!

Joseph J. Orlando
Chief of Police
Florham Park Police Department