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Notice to Residents: June 2, 2023 Update from the Chief of Police


I feel compelled to respond to comments and misinformation being espoused regarding the Police Department.

I want residents to feel secure in knowing that our officers are patrolling the Borough on a continuous basis and that every Municipal, County and State roadway is monitored and patrolled on a 24-hour basis.  I welcome the input and opinions of the residents we serve but sometimes statistics can be manipulated and construed as fact, when in reality the manner in which those statistics are utilized create a narrative that is far from reality.   While statistically we have made more arrests (6) on one State roadway during the month of May, in comparison to any other specific roadway, our officers have conducted 564 motor vehicle stops, the majority of which have occurred on Municipal and County roadways that intersect our Borough.  Furthermore, our officers effected nine (9) additional arrests throughout the Borough in May, not all of which were included in our press release, which did not occur on any State roadway.

Does crime occur in Florham Park?  Absolutely, however we do not have a crime problem and we certainly do not have motor vehicles being stolen or broken into on a nightly basis.  We have had two (2) motor vehicles stolen in Florham Park up to this point of the year.  A sharp decline to the number of motor vehicles being stolen within the Borough during the 2021 calendar year, a direct result of poor policy enacted at the State level preventing officers from pursuing stolen motor vehicles. We had sixteen (16) motor vehicles stolen in Florham Park in 2021 because of this policy, as well as residents leaving vehicles unsecured with key fobs inside of the same.  In 2022, the Attorney General reversed his policy and allowed police officers to pursue stolen motor vehicles, which had an immediate impact on the number of vehicles stolen statewide.  In 2022 the number of vehicles stolen in Florham Park dropped significantly to six (6).  While we have seen an uptick in residential, commercial and retail burglary offenses this year, that has been the result of criminal organizations operating throughout the State and not specific to Florham Park.  Crime has and will continue to occur, which is why we diligently patrol the Borough in a high visibility manner and proactively enforce the motor vehicle and criminal code, as well as provide public service announcements to our residents with information about how to prevent victimization.  We have conducted over 3,200 motor vehicle stops year to date while we focused on radar enforcement and distracted driving on our Municipal and County roadways, as well as general enforcement of the motor vehicle code.  This proactive and high visibility philosophy sends a message to would be criminal actors that our officers are engaged and paying attention to the happenings within the confines of the Borough. 

There are issues within the Borough that impact the operations of the Police Department, which I will be addressing after the primary season has passed.  However, residents can rest assure, our School Resource Officers will not be removed from our schools while I am Chief of Police. 

Any resident who has followed our public service announcements since I have become Chief of Police knows that I have been open and transparent in my communications with our residents.  I serve all of you and your public safety interests.  If I felt or believed there was a crime problem in Florham Park affecting our residents, I would be the first person you would hear from.

Stay Safe!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police
June 2, 2023

Notice to Residents: May 30, 2023 Update from the Chief of Police


On Sunday, at approximately 3:00pm, our patrols were alerted to a stolen vehicle entering the Borough from the Madison/Chatham border.  We located the stolen vehicle in the parking lot of the Brooklake Country Club, during what was a busy time in the valet area of the parking lot.  The vehicle fled upon seeing our patrols and was observed travelling at a high rate of speed, while driving on the wrong side of the road, along Main Street, in Chatham, as the suspects made their way back out to Route 24 eastbound. 

Our patrols did an outstanding job locating the vehicle and preventing the suspects from undoubtedly attempting to steal another vehicle from the Country Club parking lot.  Unfortunately, prior to being located the suspects entered two vehicles parked in the driveways of residences along Brooklake Road.  Both vehicles, from separate residences, were unsecured at the time.  One of the victims suffered a loss of property as a result of the incident.  This again is another reminder that criminal elements travel through Florham Park every day, even on Sunday and even during morning and afternoon hours.  It is imperative that all residents assist the Police Department in minimizing accessibility to these criminals by locking your vehicles at all times and removing all valuables from within the same.  The end result of these criminals fleeing at a high rate of speed, on the wrong side of the road, through a heavily traveled pedestrian retail area could have been tragic.  If we limit the accessibility to our property, the criminal element will find it fruitless to continue coming to Florham Park.  That is our goal, to make Florham Park unattractive to those who would attempt to victimize.  Through the diligence of our residents and the high visibility, proactive patrolling of our Police Department we can accomplish communal safety, but everyone must play their part.

The NJ Office of Homeland Security issued an intelligence bulletin on May 25, 2023 and requested the information be distributed to each Police Department’s area of responsibility.  The bulletin discusses the increase in Kia and Hyundai motor vehicle thefts in NJ as a result of the “Kia Challenge” being distributed on social media.  Criminals are targeting Kia and Hyundai vehicles as a result of some vehicle years being manufactured without an anti-theft immobilizer.  The immobilizer prevents the vehicle from starting when someone attempts to use a key or key fob that does not match the vehicle.  Those vehicles, without the immobilizer, can be stolen rather easily without a key/fob and without setting off a vehicle alarm.  There has been a 121% increase in these types of thefts in NJ and we have suffered two such thefts in Florham Park since 2022.  Owners of Kia and Hyundai vehicles need to be aware that doing everything correct, such as securing your vehicle, removing key fobs and removing valuable items from plain view can still be victimized due to this manufacturing fault.  The following vehicles are prone to this type of victimization:

2011-2022 Sportage
2011-2020 Optima
2011-2022 Sorento
2011-2021 Forte
2020-2022 Soul
2012-2021 Sedona
2021-2022 Seltos
2021-2022 K5

2011-2022 Accent
2011-2022 Elantra
2013-2017 Elantra GT
2013-2014 Elantra Coupe
2011-2012 Elantra Touring
2011-2014 Genesis Coupe
2018-2022 Kona
2020-2021 Palisade
2011-2012, 2019-2022 Santa Fe
2013-2018, 2019 Santa Fe; Santa Fe XL
2013-2018 Santa Fe Sport
2011-2019 Sonata
2011-2022 Tucson
2012-2017, 2019-2021 Veloster

Stay Safe!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police
May 30, 2023

Notice to Residents: May 18, 2023 Update from the Chief of Police


I’m writing tonight to provide an update on overall community safety and hopefully shed some light on current operations of the Police Department.

The Department began a speed enforcement initiative in March to curb the excessive amount of speeders on the residential streets within the Borough and the major cut through streets that non-resident drivers utilize on a daily basis.  Our officers have been diligent in performing radar details multiple times throughout their shift, along these roadways, which are having a positive visible impact on the speeds we have been seeing.  This initiative will continue indefinitely as we seek to change the culture of driving within the Borough to one that promotes and fosters safe roadways for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians.  As residents, I ask that you please play your role in promoting community safety by obeying the posted speed limits and setting an example for others to follow.  Together the Police Department and our community members can make a positive and lasting impact!

In April, the Police Department also participated in the statewide-distracted driving enforcement campaign.  A $7,000 reimbursement grant was received from the State allowing our Department to deploy additional officers during peak driving times in an effort to combat distracted driving, which is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle collisions nationwide.  I again ask that you please assist our Department with overall community safety by utilizing hands free bluetooth capabilities on your mobile devices while driving.

In the days and weeks to come, we will be focusing our attention on additional traffic and pedestrian safety concerns.  Several residential streets within the Borough have STOP signs in areas where drivers may feel it is okay to employ a quick glance and go strategy.  One such location we have seen this issue is the exit from Lifetime Fitness on Fernwood Road.  The glance and go strategy is a dangerous one, which especially puts pedestrians and bicyclists at increased risk.  Please pay attention to these posted signs, as we will be addressing violations for the same.  Another step towards our goal of overall communal safety.  

On March 27, 2023, the Covenant School shooting occurred in Nashville, highlighting the dangers faced in our schools on a daily basis.  One week later, we had a scare of our own as we received reports of an armed subject threatening violence on the campus of the University of Saint Elizabeth.  A massive law enforcement response ensued in order to search and secure both the University and Saint Elizabeth Academy High School before lifting the University lockdown and reuniting the high school students with their awaiting families.  The incident was a stark reminder of how quickly the serene environment of our Borough can become victimized.  The FBI recently released a study regarding Active Shooter Incidents in the United States in 2022.  The report details 50 Active Shooter Incidents which was a slight decrease from 2021, however the number of victims in those incidents was significantly higher than those in 2021.  While our schools are always considered a target because of the high profile and emotional impact school based incidents incite, the report details that 48% of Active Shooter incidents occur in open air environments like parades, outdoor concerts and shopping centers all of which we enjoy here in Florham Park.  I detail this information in today’s post because the report identifies the month of May as the month with the highest number of Active Shooter incidents in 2021.  Rest assured, our officers train for Active Shooter response and are equipped for the same due in large part to continued financial support of the Borough's leadership in our training program. However, community members can play a role in helping to prevent incidents from occurring by paying attention to the behaviors of your friends and loved ones and reporting suspicious/changes in those behaviors immediately.

My philosophy has remained consistent during my tenure as Chief of Police: High visibility, proactive patrol as a deterrent to crime, while engaging with the community in an effort to create force multipliers within the same to assist our Department in maintaining overall community safety.  The Police are the Community and the Community are the Police!

Stay safe!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police
May 18, 2023

Notice to Residents: May 18, 2023 Update from the Chief of Police


The Florham Park Police Department Junior Police Academy is now open to students entering 6th grade in addition to students entering 7th, 8th, or 9th grade.  This program has finally returned after a three year hiatus due to pandemic related concerns.  Our Junior Police Academy will begin June 26th and will culminate with graduates marching in the 4th of July Parade.   Applications are currently being received, however, we will only accept the first 40 eligible applicants.  Submit your applications as soon as possible before all spots are filled.

Applications can be found at the link below or at Police Headquarters dispatch.  Any questions about the program can be directed to Sergeant Joel Phillips ( or 973-410-5428).

Application Download Link

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police
May 18, 2023

Notice to Residents: April 13, 2023 Crime Alert from the Chief of Police


On Easter Sunday, a Fairleigh Dickinson Woman was viciously assaulted by a former acquaintance while returning to her dormitory room after spending the weekend with her family.  The suspect is not a student and is not affiliated with the university in any capacity, however, he was able to enter the dormitory building and await the return of the victim.  The suspect surprised the victim outside of her dorm room and physically forced her into the same where he held her hostage for several hours, threatened her with a knife, strangled her, as well as physically and sexually assaulted her.

Upon receiving the report our Detective Bureau was able to identify the suspect and coordinated with detectives from the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office and Morris County Sheriff’s Office to collect critical evidence, establish surveillance on multiple locations, obtain warrants for the arrest of the suspect, and ultimately locate and take him into custody.

This investigation was brought to a swift and successful conclusion, thus removing a vicious predator from the general population, due in large part to the committed dedication of our Detective Bureau personnel, as well as the coordinated efforts with our County partners who are critical to our successes.

I want to thank the Morris County Prosecutor, Robert Carroll, and the Morris County Sheriff, James Gannon, for their unrelenting support of our Mission to serve the residents of Florham Park and Morris County.

Please see the link below for the press release on this matter:

Morris County Prosecutor's Office Press Release

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police
April 13, 2023

Notice to Residents: April 12, 2023 Update from the Chief of Police


The Florham Park Police Department has partnered with the Morris County Sheriff’s Office, the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, and the Morris County Police Chiefs Association to launch the Blue Envelope Program in an effort to assist officers and those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) better understand one another during police and citizen motor vehicle contacts.

The purpose of the program is to alleviate the unnecessary confusion that sometimes exit when law enforcement encounters an individual/motor vehicle operator who has ASD.  The program offers a simple and safe way for law enforcement and individuals with ASD to communicate and understand one another immediately.  Those affected by ASD are provided a “Blue Envelope” which contains the individual’s emergency contacts and photocopies of the individual’s driver’s license, registration and insurance card, along with instructions to alert and educate the law enforcement officer the individual they’re encountering may possibly exhibit certain behaviors due to their disorder.   It also provides the individual with ASD information about what to expect when being involved in a motor vehicle stop or accident which requires law enforcement involvement.  The overall goal of the program is to provide a mutual understanding and create safe police/citizen encounters.

I would like to thank Chief Almer, of the Washington Twp Police Department, for his leadership in launching this program and the Morris County Sheriff, James Gannon, for printing and distributing over 3,000 Blue Envelopes to all Morris County law enforcement agencies to distribute to their resident populations.

If you have a family member or know of a Florham Park resident that would benefit from this program please contact the police department directly by emailing or contacting me directly at 973-410-5440.

Stay Safe!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police
April 12, 2023

Notice to Residents: April 7, 2023 Update from the Chief of Police


We are pleased to bring back the Florham Park Police Department Junior Police Academy this summer, after a three year hiatus due to pandemic related concerns. Our Junior Police Academy will begin the day after the last day of school and will culminate with graduates marching in the 4th of July Parade.  Applications are currently being received, however, we will only accept the first 40 eligible applicants.  Submit your applications as soon as possible before all spots are filled.

Applications can be found at the link below or at Police Headquarters dispatch.  Any questions about the program can be directed to Sergeant Joel Phillips ( or 973-410-5428).

Application Download Link

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police
April 7, 2023


AlertFlorhamPark will allow you to get emergency notifications in any manner you choose, including phone, email, text, or social media, so you can stay informed during major storms or other emergencies taking place in Florham Park or throughout Morris County. Users have the ability to enter multiple addresses located in multiple jurisdictions within a single profile. If you care for a loved one who lives in another Morris County town and want to be notified of issues affecting that person’s municipality, your one registration process will satisfy that need.

AlertFlorhamPark also offers a free Smart911 signup option for county residents, providing a greatly enhanced and potentially lifesaving 9-1-1 emergency call service for anyone who registers for it.

Smart911 is FREE, and your information is secure, accessible only to a 9-1-1 call taker. This service can provide key information to responders that can make your family safer. For example:

  • Address Details: How to access your home, number of bedrooms, location of utility shut-offs, and if you live in a multi-family building;
  • Family Details: Number of residents, ages, photos of children, and your landline and mobile phone numbers;
  • Medical Information: Medical conditions of certain residents, medications taken/required, allergies, mobility of residents, and if special equipment is needed in an emergency;
  • Animals: A list of your pets, service animals and livestock, and their names so responders are aware of them as they enter your home. Also, include the name of your veterinarian;
  • Emergency Contacts: Family members, friends or neighbors to be contacted in case of an emergency;
  • Vehicles: Make, model and license plate number in case of a motor vehicle accident.

Residents can offer as much or as little information to first responders through Smart911 as they wish.

Florham Park Police Social Media


Message from the Chief:


Community Members, another school year is upon us and as such, school and traffic safety are of paramount concern to the Police Department.  In an effort to maximize the safety of the Borough’s schools, we have hired and will be placing SLEO III Officers at each of the three public schools.  Those officers will work in accordance with statutorily mandated hours requirements, therefore their scheduling and presence in the schools will fluctuate.  

Our two full time School Resource Officers (SRO’s) will remain within the schools to maintain a presence, teach DARE/Anti-Bullying related curriculum and to continue to nurture relationships with the community’s youth.  Our patrol officers will continue to randomly visit all of the Borough’s schools on a daily basis for an additional layer of security.  The Police Department’s administration will continue to maintain a close working relationship with the Board of Education, Superintendent of Schools and all of the Principals in an effort to provide the safest environment for our school system.

Parking and speeding are always issues in and around the schools.  We will have several officers patrolling and enforcing speed, parking and other traffic related violations within the school zones and residential areas that surround the same.  We ask that all residents, especially those who will be driving to the schools, to obey the posted speed limits and to park in designated spots only.

Have a safe school year!!

Joseph J. Orlando
Chief of Police
Florham Park Police Department