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Notice to Residents: September 16, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


Last week multiple home invasions occurred in Chatham where an unknown subject entered three homes while the residents were home and asleep. The unknown subject stole items and keys to a vehicle, which was also stolen.

Also last week, an unoccupied Florham Park residence was burglarized in the early morning hours resulting in an approximate $3,500 loss of valuables. Detectives and Patrol officers responded to the scene to investigate after being notified of the crime by a house sitter. Several independent witnesses, from the neighborhood, came forward during the investigation to provide information. Neighborhood residents observed a vehicle and a suspect around the victim’s residence at approximately 10:30pm. Additional neighborhood residents observed a second vehicle at the victim’s residence at approximately 3:00am. Both witnesses provided detailed information regarding the time of events and the vehicles they observed. Further investigation revealed the suspect is known to the victim and Detectives were able to corroborate the neighborhood witnesses’ accounts thus connecting the suspect to the scene of the crime through various investigative techniques.

Search warrants were obtained for the suspect’s residence and executed resulting in the arrest of the suspect for various crimes, including burglary and theft, as well as the recovery of the victim’s property. This investigation was an excellent example of the power residents serve as force multipliers for the police. The neighbors surrounding the victim’s residence provided key information to Detectives who were able to develop a suspect, corroborate information provided, and establish significant probable cause, as a result, enabling them the ability to obtain a search warrant which uncovered evidence that solved this investigation.

Sir Robert Peel, who is deemed “The Father of Modern Policing” established Sir Robert Peel’s 9 Principles of Policing, in the 1800’s. The 7th principle states “the police are the public and the public are the police.” In essence, the police and the community are one and must work seamlessly together in order to provide the highest quality of service to the community. This incident and subsequent investigation is a testament to Robert Peel’s centuries old principles in community policing and the power of positive police community relations.

This incident and the Chatham incidents should be stark reminders to all residents to ensure your homes and vehicles are secure at all times. If possible, outdoor lighting should remain on throughout the night and residents should always deem suspicious activity, persons and or vehicles in their neighborhood as relevant. Please contact the police immediately whenever suspicious activity is observed.

Thank you to the neighbors who assisted in the successful conclusion of this investigation and to all Borough residents for the role you play in helping our Department maintain public safety.

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police
September 16, 2020

Notice to Residents: September 13, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


It’s hard to believe September is upon us and with it, the advent of a new school year.  I write this post to remind all residents of the importance traffic safety plays in maintaining a safe environment for all of our community’s children.  The Pandemic has, unfortunately, changed many of the traditions our community participates in, the first days of school will be evidence such.

The days of teachers and school personnel lined up at the curb, of Briarwood and Brooklake Schools, to greet your children to their first days of school and assist them from your vehicles will be replaced by you having to get them from your vehicles to prevent teachers and staff from high contact areas.  This new procedure will inevitably add to the amount of time vehicles are lined up in front of the schools causing delays and traffic issues that will spill into the surrounding residential streets.  I implore all residents to be patient both on school property and on the residential streets surrounding the same, as we anticipate and encourage families to walk their children to school, if possible, to alleviate the vehicular congestion on school property.  Parking is permitted on the residential streets in close proximity to Briarwood School and we encourage parents to park in those locations. 

The modified school schedule will also impact the way the Police Department interacts with your children in the schools.  Our participation in their educational process will be limited in order for them to receive their core curriculum requirements.  We have been working with the Superintendent of Schools to plan for time, when feasible, to continue our educational programs while strengthening our relationships and bonds forged with our community’s children, which we believe contributes to the long term success of this Borough.

While the pandemic has affected all of us in different ways, the Police Department’s commitment to the school community and this community’s children has not wavered.  Each of our schools will continue to be visited frequently throughout the day by our officers.  SLEO III Officers will be assigned to each school for the duration of the school day and our School Resource Officers will continue to be assigned to the schools for the entirety of the school day.  

The health, wellbeing and safety of the schools, staff and children is a community commitment, an effort that all members of the community must participate in for it to be effective.  There will be a significant police presence in and around the schools with little tolerance for parking and traffic violations that put that school community safety at risk.  Please adhere to all traffic laws, No Parking signs, Fire Zone Parking, Handicapped Parking and pedestrian safety.

I will be with my officers in the school zones and look forward to seeing all of you and your children as we embark upon this new school year together as one community.

Be safe!! 

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police
September 13, 2020

Notice to Residents: Child Safety Seat Inspections Update

Safe Kids Northern NJ has re-opened their car seat inspection and installation stations as of September 1, 2020.  Please see the picture below for more information.

As a reminder, the Florham Park Police Department is temporarily not performing car seat checks.

Notice to Residents: September 1, 2020 Update from the Chief of Police


As expected, the Governor issued two Executive Orders today.

Executive Order 182 requires all flags to fly at half-staff today to honor NJ resident Vincent P. Marketta who was killed in a military training exercise on August 27, 2020.

Executive Order 183 was issued authorizing indoor dining, movie theaters and indoor concert venues to resume limited operations on September 4, 2020 at 6:00 am.

Some of the requirements are as follows;

Indoor Dining/Bars 25% capacity

  • Masks must be worn even while seated at your table and can only be removed while eating or drinking.
  • Masks must be worn at your table after the consumption of food or beverage has been completed.
  • You can only be served food/beverage while seated at a table or bar.
  • Tables must be six feet apart in all directions.
  • Smoking where allowable by law can resume at both indoor and outdoor dining/bar areas.

Movie Theaters can open at 25% capacity or 150 persons whichever is less.

Indoor Concert Venues can operate at 25% capacity or 150 persons whichever is less.

The indoor gathering capacity for weddings, funerals, political activates, religious services or memorial services has been raised to 25% capacity or 150 persons.

All other indoor gatherings remain at 25% capacity or 25 persons whichever is less, inclusive of house parties.

The link for Executive Order 183 is below and includes all of the protocols and restrictions that must be adhered to.

Be Safe!!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police/Deputy OEM Coordinator
September 1, 2020

Notice to Residents: New Uniforms


The Police Department is transitioning to a new style uniform which we feel is a cleaner more professional look for our personnel.  You will begin seeing officers in this uniform beginning September 1st.

Please let us know what you think!!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police


AlertFlorhamPark will allow you to get emergency notifications in any manner you choose, including phone, email, text, or social media, so you can stay informed during major storms or other emergencies taking place in Florham Park or throughout Morris County. Users have the ability to enter multiple addresses located in multiple jurisdictions within a single profile. If you care for a loved one who lives in another Morris County town and want to be notified of issues affecting that person’s municipality, your one registration process will satisfy that need.

AlertFlorhamPark also offers a free Smart911 signup option for county residents, providing a greatly enhanced and potentially lifesaving 9-1-1 emergency call service for anyone who registers for it.

Smart911 is FREE, and your information is secure, accessible only to a 9-1-1 call taker. This service can provide key information to responders that can make your family safer. For example:

  • Address Details: How to access your home, number of bedrooms, location of utility shut-offs, and if you live in a multi-family building;
  • Family Details: Number of residents, ages, photos of children, and your landline and mobile phone numbers;
  • Medical Information: Medical conditions of certain residents, medications taken/required, allergies, mobility of residents, and if special equipment is needed in an emergency;
  • Animals: A list of your pets, service animals and livestock, and their names so responders are aware of them as they enter your home. Also, include the name of your veterinarian;
  • Emergency Contacts: Family members, friends or neighbors to be contacted in case of an emergency;
  • Vehicles: Make, model and license plate number in case of a motor vehicle accident.

Residents can offer as much or as little information to first responders through Smart911 as they wish.

Florham Park Police Social Media


Message from the Chief:


Community Members, another school year is upon us and as such, school and traffic safety are of paramount concern to the Police Department.  In an effort to maximize the safety of the Borough’s schools, we have hired and will be placing SLEO III Officers at each of the three public schools.  Those officers will work in accordance with statutorily mandated hours requirements, therefore their scheduling and presence in the schools will fluctuate.  

Our two full time School Resource Officers (SRO’s) will remain within the schools to maintain a presence, teach DARE/Anti-Bullying related curriculum and to continue to nurture relationships with the community’s youth.  Our patrol officers will continue to randomly visit all of the Borough’s schools on a daily basis for an additional layer of security.  The Police Department’s administration will continue to maintain a close working relationship with the Board of Education, Superintendent of Schools and all of the Principals in an effort to provide the safest environment for our school system.

Parking and speeding are always issues in and around the schools.  We will have several officers patrolling and enforcing speed, parking and other traffic related violations within the school zones and residential areas that surround the same.  We ask that all residents, especially those who will be driving to the schools, to obey the posted speed limits and to park in designated spots only.

Have a safe school year!!

Joseph J. Orlando
Chief of Police
Florham Park Police Department