Florham Park Police Department

Division of Investigation
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Phone (973) 410-5440    Fax (973) 377-9118



  • You must be 18 years of age to obtain a Firearms Identification Card.
  • You must be 21 years of age to obtain a permit to purchase a handgun.
  • You must meet with the firearms investigator to obtain a permit to carry a handgun.
  • You can never have been convicted of an indictable crime in this state, or the equivalent of a NJ indictable crime in another state, that has not been expunged or sealed. A crime for the purposes of other states, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2C:1-4, involves any crime where a person CAN be sentenced to 6 months or moreconfinement.
  • You cannot be drug dependent, an alcoholic, or suffer from any mental illness or physical defect or disease that would make it unsafe for you to handle a firearm.
  • You can never have been confined for a mental disorder.


Applications must be downloaded online from the New Jersey State Police.  Please go to where the forms can be typed online and printed.  All forms must be submitted in duplicate.  Typing is the best option since illegible writing will delay applications or result in returns of the same from the State Police.  The most common form used is the STS 033, this is for ID cards, permits to purchase handguns, duplicate or replacement cards, and more.  You CAN check off more than one box on the application indicating what you want, you do not need multiple forms. 


If you have a question as to what form you need, or cannot find what you are looking for, please contact Detective/Sergeant Brian Ford at (973) 410-5430- or Records Secretary Adrianne Farrell at (973) 410-5349-  Forms may be emailed or mailed to you if you have a problem downloading them. The Municipal Code, if needed, for any application in Florham Park is 1411.


All applicants must complete the Application form AND Consent for Mental Health Records Search form completely.  Incomplete applications will NOT be processed.  Many issues we see are failing to sign the application, incomplete driver's license number, social security numbers, reference information, and skipped over checklist boxes.  The application must be dated when the application is submitted to the Police Department, not the date you printed it or filled it out. 


Applicants must make sure their driver's license name, address, and date of birth are accurate and reflected accordingly on the application.  Inconsistencies will result in delayed applications or denial of service at firearms dealers.  As a reminder, please type or print clearly, read all instructions, and sign the forms where indicated.  Checking "yes" on a box is not necessarily an automatic disqualifier, however, FALSIFICATION OF ANY INFORMATION ON AN APPLICATION OR RELATED DOCUMENT IS A CRIME OF THE THIRD DEGREE (N.J.S.A. 2C:30-10c), and is a reason for denial.


When choosing references, please choose responsible and credible persons who will return the reference form in a timely manner and that you have known for at least 3 years.  Delays in receiving any reference letters that may be sent out will directly affect the processing time of your application.  Have all reference contact information completely filled out.


All first time applicants must be fingerprinted, the fee for processing a first time applicant for a Firearms Identification Card is $55.45.  This fee will be submitted to the location you will be printed at, NOT the Police Department. If you have been fingerprinted before for employment, clergy, volunteer, teaching, or other reasons, you still need to be fingerprinted for firearms purposes and so the State may assign you a Firearms Identification Number.  Those previously fingerprinted for firearms purposes and already assigned an SBI number (can be found on your ID card) who are now requesting Permits to Purchase a Handgun, duplicate ID card, or a change of address, name, or sex must submit an online background check, but also retain the option of getting fingerprinted again if you choose.


Fingerprinting is no longer done at Police Departments in New Jersey for firearms.  You must see our records unit for instructions on how to schedule an appointment and get fingerprinted.  If you have been fingerprinted before for Firearms licensing, you may follow the next instructions or obtain the background check form from our records unit. 


For those previously fingerprinted for firearms purposes:

  •  go to and click on the ON LINE FORM 212A, which is highlighted near the bottom of the page.
  • Enter your personal identifying information and payment information, $20.00.
  • Be sure to include your current SBI number or it will delay your processing.
  • Be sure all information entered for yourself is accurate or it will be delayed.
  • You will need to enter an "ORI", this is the municipal code for Florham Park, in this field you MUST enter NJ0141100.
  • That's it!  You will receive email confirmation and the results will be forwarded to this agency.
  • DO NOT submit a background check before turning in your application.  Your background checks are only good for so long and will not be used if you submit your application at a significantly later date.  This could result in having to resubmit and repay.


If your application is for an initial or duplicate Firearms Identification Card, the fee for this agency is $5.00.  Each permit to purchase a handgun is $2.00.  There is no fee for a change of address, name, or sex.  This payment can be in check form made out to "Borough of Florham Park Police" and submitted with your application. No cash will be accepted at any time by the members of the Police Department.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • New Jersey permits one handgun purchase every 30 days.  You are entitled to as many permits to purchase as you like from us, but may only legally use one every 30 days.  Each permit to purchase a handgun is good for 90 days from issuance.  For this reason, we recommend holding off an application if you are ordering a special gun and do not know when it will be available to you.  You could apply when you know it is coming soon.
  • If you have been the subject of a Temporary Restraining Order, you may apply following its dismissal.  If you have been the subject of a Final Restraining Order, you may apply no sooner than 2 years following the issuance of that order or upon the date of dismissal, whichever is greater.
  • For person-to-person sales, the seller of a handgun is responsible for submitting the proper completed permits to the appropriate authorities as listed on the permits.
  • While this agency accepts firearms applications 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, you may be asked to return for clarification, so it is recommended you submit them to our Records Unit when possible for the quickest processing.
  • Be sure you do not have outstanding traffic or criminal WARRANTS.  This will result in you being arrested as ordered by the warrant until the same is satisfied, also, we will not conduct any further checks on an applicant until they are satisfied.  If you are unsure, contact this agency's firearms investigator or the Municipal Court where you may have an issue.
  • If you wish to learn your criminal history prior to submitting an application, you may do so through the New Jersey State Police website at and select Form A.  This could help you avoid falsifying information on your application (though most people tend to remember what happens when they get arrested) or for verifying any expungements.    
  • For Morris County residents having questions regarding any juvenile criminal histories, you should contact the Morris County Superior Court - Juvenile Probation Unit.
  • You do not need a firearms ID card to purchase a handgun, you only need a "permit to purchase a handgun", but you do need an ID card for handgun ammunition or long arms.
  • Certain "assault firearms" are banned in New Jersey, a complete list can be found under N.J.S.A. 2C:39-1w.  Special approval needs to be sought with the Prosecutor's Office.
  • You MAY NOT purchase handguns or long arms from an out-of-state party.  All guns being sought in this manner need to be transferred to a dealer in New Jersey who is a  licensed NJ State Retail Firearm Dealer and has a Federal Firearms License.
  • If you have currently have weapons or a firearms identification card seized or forfeited, you must resolve those matters first before applying, unless directed to do so by a Prosecutor's Office or the Attorney General's Office.
  • Our background checks will not be conducted until the applicant has been fingerprinted or gone through their online background check.  This is due to many applicants filing applications but not completing their required checks.  It delays the process for those that have done what is required.


If you are denied for any reason, you will be notified via Certified Mail and/or phone.  You will have 30 days from receipt of your notification to file an appeal with the Superior Court of Morris County.  There, you will request to schedule a hearing.  If you do file an appeal, you must notify the Chief of Police in Florham Park in writing that you have filed a request for a hearing.


For any questions not seen here, you may check the New Jersey State Police website at, or contact this agency's firearms Investigator.


If you are seeking a permit to carry a handgun you must contact Detective/Sergeant Brian Ford directly at (973) 410-5430, or  The process is more exhaustive and you will need to meet with the investigator to go over it.