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Permit to Carry Instructions
updated August 9, 2023


For residents of Florham Park wishing to submit an application for a Permit to Carry a handgun in New Jersey, follow the below instructions.


The State has now created a portal where Permit to Carry a Handgun applications can be submitted online. Applicants will no longer need to complete and drop off a paper copy of their applications.


What will I need for submitting an Initial Concealed Carry Permit application?


    • SBI Number (Obtained from your Firearms Identification Card)
    • Upload of recent photograph (on a light background including head and shoulders)
    • One (1) training record completed within the past two (2) years, instructor name, and qualification date
    • Personal Information: including Social Security Number and Driver's License Number
    • Background Information
    • For Armored Car Applicants: Uploaded Employment Letter
    • Contact Information for four (4) non-family related references
    • Information on handguns to be carried
    • $200 Application Fee ($50 paid through the portal/$150 Paid to local Police Department)



What will I need for submitting a renewal Concealed Carry Permit application?


    • SBI Number, Last Name and Date of Birth for validation
    • One (1) training record completed within past two (2) years, instructor name, and qualification date
    • Any updates to Personal Information
    • Upload of recent photograph (on a light background including head and shoulders)
    • Background Information
    • Any updates to Handgun Information
    • $200 Application Fee ($50 paid through the portal/$150 paid to local Police Department)



Mayors and members of their governing body must apply for a Permit to Carry a Handgun with the New Jersey State Police.


Much of the basic requirements are the same, and the NJSP website has instructions on how to complete the application process through the portal, but please be advised of the following changes.


    • All documents will be uploaded directly through the portal. This includes your photograph, Mental Health release, reference list, and your training/qualification record along with the firearm instructor’s certification. You will not be dropping off your application at Police Headquarters.
    • Applicants will no longer need to be fingerprinted, as long as they have previously been fingerprinted for firearms in New Jersey. Applicants will be directed to complete a 212a form through the portal, similar to when applying for additional purchase permits after initially being fingerprinted. If you have never been fingerprinted for firearms in New Jersey, you must be fingerprinted for your application to be processed, which can be done when applying for your Firearms Identification Card. The NJSP highly suggests all Concealed Carry holders have a Firearms Identification Card.
    • The $200.00 charge remains, however, the initial $50 to the NJSP Fiscal Control Bureau will be paid via credit card through the portal. The remaining $150.00 will be paid to the Borough of Florham Park in the form of a Money Order or Certified Bank Check.
    • Investigators are required to speak with PTC applicants before completing their application. So, if available, contact a firearms investigator to schedule the drop-off of your payment so they can speak with you at the same time. If you or an Investigator is not available at the time, they will reach out to you after your application is received through the portal.
    • You are only permitted to carry a handgun that you lawfully own and is legal in New Jersey, inclusive of magazine capacity. There is a form within the portal where applicants can list all the handguns they intend to carry. You do not need to qualify with all of them.
    • The previously mandated liability insurance that was supposed to take effect in July was struck down, with no signs of it returning anytime soon. 



To find out where you can complete the qualifications, reach out to a local firearms range, license gun dealer, or NRA Instructor if you know one. Additional information can be found on the NJSP website. 


The PTC application process and accompanying regulations seem to be continuously evolving. We are doing our best to get the most up-to-date and accurate information out as we receive it. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to a firearms investigator.


Permit to Carry / Firearms Investigators for the Florham Park Police:


    • Det. Lt. Michael Neilan, 973-410-5411, 
    • Det. Sgt. Frank Pietropinto, 973-410-5424,



An important message regarding carrying firearms

With Permits to Carry in New Jersey becoming more accessible due to recent changes in legislation, it is extremely important that those with valid carry permits remember the restrictions that have NOT changed.  The most important, in our opinion, is that legally possessed weapons are NOT permitted inside any schools or on any school grounds statewide, even if possessed by a civilian with an approved New Jersey Permit to Carry.  This applies to any school, college, university, or other educational institution.  There has been, and will continue to be, zero tolerance for violations of this law.

This applies to parents picking up their kids at the end of the day, your best neighbor bringing your kid’s forgotten tablet to them 5 minutes after they arrived at school, grandparents attending a spring band concert, an older sibling helping someone move into their college dorm, or anyone using school playgrounds, gymnasiums, or lawns on an off day – for any reason.  This is state law under N.J.S.A. 2C:39-5e; the full text can be found here - The penalty is a third degree crime, the same kind of crime that results in you losing your gun and not getting it back for a lonnnng time as well as now having a criminal record.  While similar legislation was just “put on hold”, that falls under a different statute while this specific statute has not changed.

So please, while the laws continue to be subject to change, then change again, then even more change, one thing is certain - guns, licensed or not, are not allowed in schools or on school grounds.


Important Links:

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