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Permit to Carry Instructions
(updated July 1, 2022)


For residents of Florham Park wishing to submit an application for a Permit to Carry a firearm in New Jersey, follow the below instructions.  It is strongly suggested, though not necessary, that you call a Florham Park Police Firearms Investigator prior to submitting your application so 1) we can ensure you have everything you need saving you multiple trips and 2) to answer questions you may have if you think you may be subject to any disqualifying factors.

Permit to Carry / Firearms Investigators for the Florham Park Police:

                Det. Lt. Brian Ford, 973-410-5430,

                Det. Sgt. Michael Neilan, 973-410-5411,

You must submit the application in the town you live in, not where your mailing address is (Convent Station, Chatham, Morristown).  If you are an out-of-state resident wishing to obtain a permit, you must apply at the New Jersey State Police barracks closest to your residence.

Regardless of past fingerprinting for an Firearms ID card, clergy, FINRA, volunteer, teacher, or anything else, per New Jersey statute you will need to be fingerprinted prior to issuance of a Permit to Carry.  When an approved permit expires (currently 2 years), you will need to be fingerprinted again.  Fingerprinting is done through IdentoGO.  The link here will bring you to their site to make your appointment and tells you what documents you need to prove identity -  There are no refunds for this service, so if you believe you may be subject to disqualification, reach out to us first.  They have many locations and a mobile service for certain circumstances.

The service code required for Firearms fingerprinting is 2F164B.  If you enter the wrong code, the proper check will not be done and you will need to do it again.  IdentoGO will not issue a refund.

    • The ORI specific to Florham Park is NJ0141100.
    • The Contributor Case Number will be specific to you.  Use your First Initial and Last Name with NO SPACES, ie: JDoe, MSmith, etc.  If you hand in your application prior to scheduling your fingerprints, we will give you an actual Case Number to use here instead, but for us, either is okay.
    • It is important you spell your name EXACTLY as it appears on your driver’s license.  If not, it will absolutely cause a delay and likely reprinting, and again, there are no refunds.

You will need to complete the application in pen and in triplicate (3 times) with no photocopies being permitted; the application can be found here -  The application must be printed out double-sided and each copy has to be notarized.  A list of Notary Publics in New Jersey can be found here -  If you do not have the ability to print, our public library should be able to help or reach out to us and we will get you one.  All questions must be answered on the application.

You will need to display you Driver’s License and Birth Certificate OR Driver’s License and Passport OR Driver’s License and Naturalization Paperwork/Green Card upon submission at Headquarters. 

You need to submit four (4) color passport size photographs. 

You need a completed Consent for Mental Health Records Search form – available here - 

You need to submit written proof of ownership and qualification with the handgun(s) you intend on carrying. 

                a. Proof of ownership can be a purchase receipt or purchase permit or a notarized letter of ownership listing make, model, and serial number of handgun(s). 

                b. Written qualification must be within six (6) months of application and include Instructors Name and Certification, make, model, caliber, and serial number of handgun(s) you intend to carry. 

You will need to submit a Money Order in the amount of $50.00 payable to “Treasurer, State of New Jersey”.

Once you have all of the above, contact Det. Lt. Ford or Det. Sgt. Neilan (contact info on the top of this page) to set up an appointment to go over your documents and confirm your identity.  You can leave the documents at Headquarters for one of those Investigators, but it will necessitate a trip back to confirm identity and go over the documents, so it is strongly suggested you call to arrange the appointment.

To find out where you can complete the qualifications, reach out to a local firearms range, license gun dealer, or NRA Instructor if you know one.

It is anticipated the application process will be available online in short time, but it is not as of yet, so the above must be followed.  

All required forms for any firearms related purpose as well as Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the New Jersey State Police website at

If at any time you have questions during the process, we are here to help!  Just reach out to one of the Investigators listed above.

An important message regarding carrying firearms

With Permits to Carry in New Jersey becoming more accessible due to recent changes in legislation, it is extremely important that those with valid carry permits remember the restrictions that have NOT changed.  The most important, in our opinion, is that legally possessed weapons are NOT permitted inside any schools or on any school grounds statewide, even if possessed by a civilian with an approved New Jersey Permit to Carry.  This applies to any school, college, university, or other educational institution.  There has been, and will continue to be, zero tolerance for violations of this law.

This applies to parents picking up their kids at the end of the day, your best neighbor bringing your kid’s forgotten tablet to them 5 minutes after they arrived at school, grandparents attending a spring band concert, an older sibling helping someone move into their college dorm, or anyone using school playgrounds, gymnasiums, or lawns on an off day – for any reason.  This is state law under N.J.S.A. 2C:39-5e; the full text can be found here - The penalty is a third degree crime, the same kind of crime that results in you losing your gun and not getting it back for a lonnnng time as well as now having a criminal record.

So please, while the laws continue to be subject to change, then change again, then even more change, one thing is certain - guns, licensed or not, are not allowed in schools or on school grounds.

If anyone has any questions about the current gun laws in New Jersey, please call Det. Lt. Brian Ford (973-410-5430) or Det. Sgt. Michael Neilan (973-410-5411).