Florham Park Police - Mission, Vision & Values

Florham Park Police Department ShieldFPPD MISSION

To Protect and Serve the Borough of Florham Park Community!


The Florham Park Police Department (FPPD) will provide a safe and secure community for all who live, work and visit the Borough. The FPPD will be recognized for their professionalism, strong community partnerships, unique problem solving initiatives and dedication to the safety, health and well being of its personnel.


  • Professionalism - We value commitment, responsibility and clear direction. We achieve professionalism through teamwork, creativity and continual self-improvement.
  • Integrity - Our value as police employees depends upon the respect and confidence we earn from the community and each other. The integrity of each individual, as well as the organization, is necessary for citizens to give us their trust. Without this trust, we cannot expect to form a partnership with the community.
  • Accountability - We are accountable to the people in the community, and each other.
  • Compassion - Being able to understand those we serve and treat everyone fairly.