Uniform Division

Patrol Bureau is the backbone and largest division of the police department.  It is responsible for responding to all calls for service, completing incident and accident reports, motor vehicle and parking enforcement, and community policing efforts in coordination with the community policing unit. Patrol Supervisors ensure officers are prepared and assigned tasks for their tours of duty. Patrol Squad Telecommunicators are the vital hub that connects the community to the Patrol Officers. They field all walk-ins, 911 phone calls, and general inquire phone calls. Patrol Squads are dedicated, motivated, community oriented officers who focus on assisting the public.


The Motor Unit is comprised of two Harley Davidson Motorcycles and currently has three officers who received specialized training in the operation and handling of them.  The unit is used to supplement patrol when manpower allows, escort dignitaries and funerals, and operate during special events such as parades.

Bike Unit  is comprised of assigned officers who supplement the patrol officers during the day tours. Bike officers are able to interact with the public and community; they have the ability to be mobile, and are highly visible. Their primary area of patrol is the center of town; however, they are used during special events and school events.


Traffic Safety Unit is responsible for investigating all serious motor vehicle accidents and any other accident that a supervisor deems necessary. Officers assigned to this section are also responsible for periodic traffic enforcement, education, engineering, and traffic studies.  Officers in this unit received specialized training in Accident investigation and Reconstruction, including pedestrian, commercial, motorcycle.  They have also received training in Traffic Engineering and work closely with the Borough Engineer.  Traffic safety is also responsible for the Department vehicle fleet, our vehicles run twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and need to have all emergency equipment and supplies needed to respond to calls for service.